Holy schlager! KLUBBB3 were asked to represent Germany at Eurovision 2016, but refused the offer

German-Dutch-Belgian schlager boyband KLUBBB3 could have represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, but they declined the offer.

That’s according to member Jan Smit, who dished to AD Magazine on Friday.

“We were asked to represent Germany at Eurovision last year. They even said that we could skip the national final. I told them: ‘I feel flattered, but I’m a Dutchman’.”

And as a Dutchman he doesn’t rule-out singing at Eurovision for his home country in the future.

“If I find the right English-language song, I would do it, yes. It’s not my priority now. In the upcoming years I’m focused on KLUBBB3 and the German-language market.”


KLUBBB3 formed in late 2015 when three schlager singers from three countries — Florian Silbereisen from Germany, Jan Smit (yes, the Eurovision commentator!) from the Netherlands and Christoff De Bolle from Belgium — joined forces in a pan-European musical project.

The group released its debut album “Vorsicht unzensiert” in January. It slayed the charts in German-speaking countries, as well as in Flanders, achieving gold certification in Germany. Their debut single “Du Schaffst Das Schon” also enjoyed its share of success.

What could have been?

Germany’s journey to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was full of ups and downs. It all started back in November 2015 when German broadcaster NDR revealed that the controversial singer Xavier Naidoo had been internally selected to represent the country.

His track-record of insensitive comments about 9/11 and LGBT people led to widespread protest and Naidoo was ditched.

Some time passed and eventually a national final took place. Jamie-Lee became the new representative. Unfortunately “Ghost” finished last with 11 points, making it Germany’s second straight year at the bottom. Sadly, her ultimate demise was apparent to many from the very beginning.

Do you think it was a shame that KLUBBB3 refused to represent Germany? Let us know in the comments below!

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