Dona, dona, dona! MRT confirms FYR Macedonia for Eurovision 2017

Another country joins the party in Kyiv! National broadcaster MRT has confirmed that FYR Macedonia will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The land of Kaliopi isn’t having the best luck of late, as they haven’t qualified to the final in the last four editions. As for 2017, the broadcaster has not determined whether they will choose their contestant through an internal selection or through a televised final à la Skopje Fest.

Despite Kaliopi giving a heartfelt performance of her anthemic yet old-fashioned ballad “Dona” at Eurovision 2016, she fell short of votes and ended 11th in her semifinal with just 82 points. Ouch.

That was the fourth time in a row that Skopje hadn’t qualified for the final, ever since Kaliopi herself rocked the stage in Baku in 2012 with her song “Crno i belo”.

Kaliopi in Stockholm

Following Kaliopi’s 12th place, FYR Macedonia has tried several formulas which have proven to be unsuccessful. In 2013 they paired a young star of the Macedonian music scene with an ageing diva, and in 2014 they sent one of their biggest stars with a party anthem whose lyrics made little sense.

In 2015 they sent their X Factor winner to Vienna backed by Backstreet, and finally Kaliopi returned. None of these acts qualified. Nevertheless, MRT ain’t stepping back, and the country will take part again next year.

Tijana – “To the sky” live in Copenhagen 2014

Back in 2005 — the last time that Kyiv hosted Eurovision — FYR Macedonia qualified to the final and achieved a modest result — and secured their first Barbara Dex Award. That was thanks to Martin Vucic’s happy-clappy act and his horrible jacket.

In any event, MRT is yet to announce their selection method. In recent years, they’ve gone for an internal selection, except for 2015, when Daniel Kajmakoski won the ticket after rocking Skopje Fest with the Macedonian version of “Autumn Leaves”.

Daniel Kajmakoski – “Autumn Leaves” live in Vienna 2015

Daniel himself has claimed that he wants to come back to Eurovision. Maybe 2017 is his time to take revenge? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, who do you want to see singing for FYR Macedonia next year? Will they qualify to the final? Did they deserve to qualify these last years? Tell us in the comments below!