Vision Music Awards 2016: Greta Salóme wins Most Wronged

Every year a slew of hugely talented artists fill the Eurovision Song Contest stage. Sadly they can’t all make it to the grand final, let alone win. But even worse than that is being totally wronged by televoters and jurors despite your kickass performance. This year was no different. Germany’s Jamie-Lee finished dead last in the final. Estonia’s Juri Pootsmann came last in his semi-final. Half the juries blanked Russia’s Sergey Lazarev. Czech Republic’s Gabriela Guncikova received zero televotes in the grand final. And Romania’s Ovidiu Anton didn’t even get to compete following debts owed by his government.

But in the end our readers felt one act was more wronged than anyone else. After counting 4,032 votes, we can now reveal that Iceland’s Greta Salóme has won the Vision Music Award of 2016 for Most Wronged.

Oh how we rooted, screamed, wolf whistled and what not when Greta Salóme came onstage and totally slayed with her sexy costume — which she later donated to charity — and her dark and spine-tingling staging. Her voice was completely on point. Her graphics were top notch (so much so that many have suggested Britney later copied them at the other VMAs). And the re-mastering of “Hear Them Calling” had major oomph.

However, when it came time to vote Europe wasn’t in awe, and Greta ended up in 14th place in the semi finals. Pfff! That is what we call being wronged!

Greta joins an impressive list of acts who have been hard done by in recent years and walked away with the Most Wronged award: Italy’s Il Volo (2015), Israel’s Mei Finegold (2014) and Romania’s Cezar Ouatu (2013).

Most Wronged 2016: Full Results

  1. Iceland – Greta Salóme: 1,068 votes (26.49%)
  2. Czech Republic – Gabriela Guncikova: 819 votes (20.31%)
  3. Russia – Sergey Lazarev: 715 votes (17.73%)
  4. Estonia – Juri Pootsman: 536 votes (13.29%)
  5. Romania – Ovidiu Anton: 458 votes (11.36%)
  6. Germany – Jamie Lee Kriewitz: 436 votes (10.81%)

Vision Music Awards 2016: The nominees

This award is just one of a dozen awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2016 (VMAs). Our 13 categories—from biggest disappointment to most most wronged at ESC—identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

You can watch the nominations video below. You can also read more about the awards here.

Greta Salóme at Eurovision 2016