Hungary’s Compact Disco: “We love Eurovision, but once is enough”

They’re Hungary’s biggest electronic music band and they took their country to the Eurovision final back in 2012.

And in September Compact Disco made it clear they still love their thousands of Eurovision fans as they rocked out at the Eurovision Live Concert in Setúbal, Portugal.

Proving that stardom and chart-topping success hasn’t gone to their heads, Behnam Lotfi, Gábor Pál and frontman Csaba Walkó cut laid-back figures as they chatted with our on-the-ground reporter Deban during their downtime.


At Eurovision they competed as a four-piece, but downsized after bandmate Attila Sandor left over “creative differences”.

But the band make it clear this isn’t a problem, as they were only a quartet for two of their eight years together, and in the studio they always worked as a trio anyway.

“The music production and the sound production was always these three people,” they say.

The band’s last album “The Storm” dates back to 2013 and saw them experimenting with new sounds.

Their Eurovision entry is what motivated them to try new things.

“‘Sounds of Our Hearts’ was the track that made us move in a bit of a different direction,” Benham says. “It was also different from the other previous albums we did.”

After three years, Compact Disco are finally working on a new album. Focusing on their home market, they’ll sing in their native Hungarian.

“We have the sound of Compact Disco, but it’s going to be different from what you heard before,” Csaba says.

Don’t expect to see Compact Disco on the Eurovision stage again.

As much as they love the contest, they’d only participate again as producers or songwriters.

“It’s very good to work in the background,” Csaba says. “We were at the Eurovision once…when you’re on the stage once, you have to stop it…We love the Eurovision — the whole production about it — but once is OK.”

He also shared their thoughts on Hungary’s last representative, Freddie.

“Freddie is a very good performer. I am so critical about voices. I think the voice of Freddie is very good. It’s unusual. The song was, I don’t know, OK, not so strong.”

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