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After months of rumours and speculation, Greece has finally joined the list for Eurovision 2017. Broadcaster ERT has confirmed Greece’s participation in Kyiv, one of the last countries to do so.

This marks the first official confirmation that Greece will participate in Eurovision 2017. Earlier in the year, rumours in the Greek media suggested that work was underway on Greece’s plans for Kyiv.

Speaking to wiwibloggs, Panagiotis Tsolias, ERT’s Manager of Corporate Communications, said:

“The only thing ERT has decided at this point is that Greece is going to participate in Eurovision 2017, as every other year. We are yet to decide how we will choose our representative for 2017, set our contest goal and so on. It is too early for all these details right now, but everything will be done in time.”

The president of ERT — who was responsible for internally selecting Argo last year — is no longer in charge of Greece’s Eurovision efforts.

That role has gone to ERT’s CEO, Lambis Tagmatarhis.

Greece’s method of selecting their act for Kyiv is not known at this stage.

In 2016, Greece internally selected their act, while in previous years, Greece used a national final. And if October seems too late to start organising a national final — in recent years, details of the national final weren’t revealed until well into the new year!

Until recently, Greece was one of the most successful countries at modern Eurovision, winning in 2005, placing third three times since 2001, and usually placing in the top 10.

But since 2014, Greece has always placed on the wrong end of the scoreboard. In Stockholm, Argo’s ethno hip-hop “Utopian Land” failed to qualify for the grand final — a first for Greece. No doubt the pressure is on ERT to restore Greece’s reputation at Eurovision.

Rumours have suggested Greek singer Demy is being seriously considered by the broadcaster. Demy herself has said she is interested, but added, “I won’t do it unless I’m feeling ready and the time is right”.

Or could it be a previous Greek Eurovision act? 2005 winner Helena Paparizou has said she’s not ruling out a Eurovision return, explaining, “If the song is good, I’ll go.” While 2013 act Koza Mosta have said they have no plains to return to Eurovision.

What do you think? Can Greece get their groove back? Who should they send to Kyiv? Share your thoughts below!


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Ariso Light

Go Greece, my country! 😀

(J)ESC Fanatic

I’m so happy right now! I wish my country best of luck. And hopefully, in the final again. 🙂

an esc fan

Now, I saw the video with Robyn Gallagher, I like it, with modern technology I don’t understand why is hard to record wiwibloggers anywhere.
Maybe offtopic, but related with the video, I just don’t understand why Gina Dirawi is so popular. Saw her as presenter for Swedish points in 2016 (the last country, I think), and she was arogant ( … because we can afford … ) and vulgar ( … if is room in the heart … ).

an esc fan

The only woman I saw in wiwibloggs videos is Denise. They need to record and hire more women because time difference is not enough reason.


The time difference must make it hard……….I missed the melfest video…….. saw it now……..nice to see you in action 🙂


If Helena Paparizou decides to take part again, it would be a better idea to represent Sweden rather than Greece. The people in charge of the Greek broadcaster are not that keen on Eurovision, it seems like they don’t want to win, since Greece can’t afford to host Eurovision. Even if they select Helena, I don’t think they will give her much support. She will have much better chances with Sweden. And if she wins again, she will become the first person to win Eurovision twice, representing 2 different countries. 🙂



Yeah she thinking about it….Also that would be a great omen for Greece…(: (:


Hey Robyn why do we never see you in any of the videos?


I don’t think Demy is a good choice. Thomai Apergi, Eleni Fourera or Tampta would be better.

Personally, I think Greece should send a man.

Kostas Martakis has made several to go to Eurovision, but has not been successful. With the right song, he could probably do very well at Eurovision (top 3 even).

Also, Stelios Legakis, Vangelis Kakouriotis or Kostantinos Argyros would also be good.


I would be rooting for Demy to represent Greece, Helena Paparizou would be a second option.

Maya G

Greece is overall a great ESC country, but they haven’t had a good entry since ‘Alcohol is Free’ (which was brilliant). ‘Rise Up’ was mediocre, ‘One Last Breath’ was dreadful, ‘Utopian Land’ was great in the studio version but the live performance was abysmal. I really hope they’ll get their groove back in 2017, and I would rather they send something fresh and original rather than recycle a past winner, great as she may be. It didn’t work well for Ireland, Israel and Sweden in recent years and I have a feeling it won’t work for Greece either.


I am the only one who’s waiting for Turkey, Morocco ecc to say something? :/
Btw I’m so happy about Greece partecipating. They use a lot of tradional items! 😀
Plus we are again in Kiev. Let’s make them select Helena and then do a selection of the songs like before, maybe this is the year of their second winning?! Plus we would have not only Mr. Eurovision but Ms. Eurovision too. :DDD


Great! Now we are waiting for San Marino, Moldova, Slovakia and Australia. If in some case all 4 are in, this will be the most numberous ESC ever, right?


… as if Greece would ever consider not being in the competition … they built one hell of a ego out of their televoting-2000s-success … though it’s fair after the free alcohol load of rubbish … things began falling apart.

Patrick S

@ an esc fan:

In recent years the EBU has usually published the full list not earlier than late December or late January as usually some countries were granted more time to decide for or against a participation (like Bulgaria or Croatia in 2016). I do not think they will make it official in the next few weeks.

an esc fan

Hope that october 11 will be the day when EBU will confirm participants. If after that date EBU can impose penalties for withdrawal, then EBU should be able to say the countries on the list.




@UnknownSpaniard it was but they never officially confirmed their participation,same w/ Russia,but Ukraine confirmed that they are participating.

Unknown Spaniard

Wasn’t this already in Wikipedia?


That makes it 40 then 🙂