Vision Music Awards 2016: San Marino’s Serhat wins Cruise Ship Award

Every year the Vision Music Awards (VMAs) ask the truly tough questions and crown the greatest Eurovisionaries of that year’s contest. No award may be more controversial and less sought after than the illustrious Cruise Ship Award — honouring those buoyant acts who have gone above and beyond the fray, so far in fact that our readers thought they’d be perfect onboard entertainment for your next Mediterranean cruise!

This is not shade. We award this to the personalities who give us those warm feelings that only your grandfather, your favourite game show host or a cruise ship entertainer can inspire. This award is meant as a compliment and hopefully delivered in good humour.

That being said, it was a tempest of a contest this year — and many fell overboard. ManuElla, Joe & Jake, Lighthouse X and Nicky Byrne were all competing to be the best on the high seas. However, it was Serhat who survived the storm and took home the VMA for Most Likely to Perform on a Cruise Ship.

No one was a match for Serhat’s swarthy good looks and old fashioned charm. His continuous good humour in front of and behind the camera truly set this gentleman apart — not to mention that sexy hat of his.

It is a no brainer that he would have the over-65 vacationers going crazy for him — he’s a stone cold fox after all! He could talk the monocle off of any woman or man shuffleboarding their way across the tropics, as he did with our very own Edd at this year’s Nordic Party.


  1. San Marino – Serhat 1,300 votes, 39%
  2. United Kingdom – Joe & Jake 608 votes, 18.24%
  3. Denmark – Lighthouse X 573 votes, 17.19%
  4. Slovenia – ManuElla 462 votes, 13.86%
  5. Ireland – Nicky Byrne 390 votes, 11.7%

Total Votes: 3,333

Serhat’s disco-flavoured “I Didn’t Know” failed to make it to the final of Eurovision 2016 but finished in a respectable 12th in Semi Final One — just two short places from qualifying.

While we heavily credit Serhat’s charming personality and sultry vocals with his overwhelming win, the classic Vegas-style staging and schmaltzy retro tune should not be ignored.

The Turkish crooner performed down stage centre in a gloriously purple Dick Tracey inspired suit that would make even Professor Plum proud. He was accompanied by hip and saucy backup singers dancing the night away under the flashing neon lights. “I Didn’t Know” is practically ready to be picked up and staged on a cruise ship anywhere in the world. Now there is exposure!

He joins an illustrious list of past winners, which includes Slovenia’s Hannah Mancini, Belgium’s Axel Hirsoux and the United Kingdom’s Electro Velvet in the echelons of high seas entertainment.


This award is just one of a dozen awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2016 (VMAs). Our 13 categories—from best dressed to most most wronged at ESC—identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not. You can watch the nominations video below. You can also read more about the awards here.

What do you think?  Would you race to buy tickets to a cruise headlined by the legend himself.  Let us know in the comments below!

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