“Thank You, Eurovision”: Justin Timberlake chats with Laura Tesoro, Dima Bilan and Lena

When Justin Timberlake performed at Eurovision 2016, contestants rushed to share their “Justin Moment” on social media, still breathless from their brush with the American star.

And now, as part of his promotion of the animated film Trolls, he has been setting Eurovision stars alight once again, having separate interviews with 2016 contestant Laura Tesoro, and Eurovision winners Dima Bilan and Lena.

Justin was accompanied by American actress Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and the pair also recorded their voices for the local versions of the movie in each country.

The second brush with the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” hitmaker is the latest achievement in a rather successful year for young Laura. She’s already secured a top 10 result at the Eurovision final, signed a contract with Sony Music Belgium, won the wiwibloggs Vision Music Award 2016 for Most Improved and received a nomination as best Belgian act at the upcoming MTV EMA Music Awards.

The teen queen’s slayage doesn’t stop there and she’s also moved into movies, voicing the role of Poppy (the princess of the Trolls) in the Belgian version of the animated film.

The original American version of the movie features Justin Timberlake as an actor, but also as a music producer.

In fact, he released a special version of his hit song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” for the movie.

Laura came to London to interview Justin and Anna, and as you can watch in the video, she was very excited to meet Justin again.

When Laura told Anna and Justin that she is playing Anna’s role in the Belgian version of the movie, Justin wanted to know if she sings as well, and then she reminded him that they’d already met at Eurovision.

Justin clearly didn’t remember her at first, but after her reminder he was like OMG, yes.

“That’s right! Oh my gosh! Did you open? You opened the show,” he says. “You were great and now you’re in the movie…Thanks, Eurovision!”


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After those sweet memories Anna wanted to hear Laura sing, so Laura sang the Dutch version of “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

She was totally impressed: “It sounds so sexy and mysterious…” she said.

Laura, who knows how to deliver a pop song in any language, remained modest. She told Anna: “I had to imitate you so there must be some kind of sexiness in your voice if I sound sexy.”

Laura is not the only Eurovision singer that got to meet Justin and play a role in the new movie.

Lena and Dima Bilan also got the honour, but we’re pretty sure he had no clue who they were, as they pre-date his knowledge of the contest.

Dima, who is beyond busy judging “The Voice” and recording new music, managed to find the time to fly to Los Angeles to meet Justin and record his voice for the movie.

Here he is singing the Russian version of “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” with Victoria Dayneko.

Lena, who will serve as a judge in the German national selection, met Justin together with Daniele Rizzo for a “getting to know each other” session.

Among the existential questions were: “Vanilla or chocolate?” and “Pizza or pasta?”

After the interview Justin was quoted as calling Lena “sweet and very professional”, while Lena said it was hard not to stare at him.

Eurovision fans keen to hear Lena sing in German can finally say “Amen!”

She works her native tongue in the movie, as you can hear below.

Which Eurovision singer impressed you the most? And who do you think makes the best troll? You can let us know in the comments section below.

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