Return to Paradisio: Mihai wants to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2017

With Moldova‘s participation at Eurovision 2017 confirmed, there’s already one artist who is interested in representing the country in Kyiv. Romanian star Mihai Traistariu — now known as M I H A I — has revealed his dream to represent Moldova at Eurovision, and he even has a song ready to go.

M I H A I originally represented Romania at Eurovision 2006, where his dance-pop number “Tornero” placed fourth. Since then, he’s had his sights set on a Eurovision return, and was a finalist in Romania’s 2016 national selection. But now it seems he’s looking to neighbouring Moldova.

Speaking to Moldovan television, M I H A I explained that he already has a song written by an Irish team. It’s a slow/mid-tempo track that he hopes will win over Moldovan viewers.

There’s only one thing standing in his way. Typically, the rules of national final O melodie pentru Europa limit entry only to Moldovan citizens, meaning that Romanian M I H A I wouldn’t be able to enter.

But there is a glimmer of hope — in 2015 this rule was dropped, with Ukraine singer Eduard Romanyuta winning the ticket to Vienna. M I H A I says he is hoping and praying that broadcaster TRM will again relax the rules so that he will be able to represent Moldova.

Fans may be wondering why, with Romania back at Eurovision 2017, M I H A I doesn’t try to enter through his home country.

He says he’s staying away from Romania’s Selectia Nationala after he failed to win in 2016. He feels that the jury wanted to send someone new to Stockholm, as M I H A I had already represented the country in 2006. Ultimately M I H A I’s song “Paradisio” placed fifth in the national final, from 100% televote.

Earlier this year, M I H A I expressed his unhappiness at Selectia Nationala, and felt that the jury had biased the public vote against him. At the time, he said he would only consider returning to Moldova’s national selection.

M I H A I also discussed his hair transplants. He feels that having the procedure done is a normal as a woman getting breast implants, and is not something to be ashamed of. His new goal is to grow his hair long enough to wear in a manbun. A manbun for Moldova?

What do you think? Should Moldova send M I H A I to Kyiv? Share your thoughts below!