Barei threatened RTVE to quit Eurovision
Barei threatened to quit Eurovision

Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm provided loads of shocks and plenty of disappointments. We all had high hopes for Iceland’s Greta Salóme with “Hear Them Calling”, but the only calls were about her shock exit in the semis. Croatia’s Nina Kraljic was a fan favourite with her haunting ballad “Lighthouse”, but her ship capsized and she was thrown a lifeline, only just qualifying to the final. We fell for Norway’s Agnete and “Icebreaker”, but her hopes of qualifying didn’t break the ice. Italy’s Francesca Michelin wanted to plant the seed of success with “No Degree of Separation” but she was promptly uprooted by the public vote. And Germany’s Jamie-Lee wanted to banish the ghosts of Germany’s last place finish in 2015, but again the Germans were haunted by placing bottom-of-the-table.

But there was one disappointment that seems to have stung our readers more than any other. After counting 4,201 votes, we can now reveal that Barei is your biggest disappointment of 2016.

The Spanish songstress was widely tipped to make the top 10 with her upbeat, English-language song “Say Yay!” She won the Spanish national final by a comfortable margin, threw herself into the promotional tour, killed her live performances and gave her song a glossy revamp. It seemed like Barei would finally break Spain’s streak of poor results.

But in Stockholm, it just didn’t live up to expectations due to lacklustre staging. Poor backing vocals, Barbara Dex-worthy costumes, the cringy shuffle dance and that fall — it all added up to a mess. Spain finished in a lowly 22nd position with 77 points.

But, Barei, we still love your boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm — and at least we still have the studio version of “Say Yay!”


  1. Barei – 1,120 votes, 26.66%
  2. Nina Kraljic – 753 votes, 17.92%
  3. Greta Salome – 743 votes, 17.69%
  4. Agnete – 637 votes, 15.16%
  5. Francesca Michelin – 480 votes, 11.43%
  6. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz  – 468 votes, 11.14%

This is the fourth time in a row that a Big 5 country has taken this award, with Spain’s Edurne winning in 2015, the UK’s Molly Smitten-Downes in 2014 and Germany’s Cascada in 2013.


This award is just one of a dozen awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2016 (VMAs).

Our 13 categories — from best dressed to most most wronged at ESC — identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not. You can watch the nominations video below. You can also read more about the awards here.


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It is not true. She performed nornally. The song was very good. I think it is a fool nomination.


She looked like she had been tired of singing her song during live performance. I didn’t see the same happiness, what i saw in Spanish National Final. If she wouldn’t have changed the performance so much, she would’ve ended up in higher position. And that fall…it killed the the whole thing..


I disliked Barei’s outfit, not the perfomance. Wasn’t a fan of song but had some respect to act overall, that’s why I was partly dissapointed with such low results again (Spain still deserves more love). My dissapointments were Amir perfomance which had lost all visual capability gained from video and of course silvered voice victim of lighthouse – was painful to watch tortured Nina. Yet both Juri and Agnete deserved better staging for their songs.

Polegend Godgarina

Boring song and performance, I don’t understand why y’all expected it to do so well? I had predicted it to finish in the 15th-20th area from the very beginning, but it flopped harder than anyone had expected.


I think it was the fall that did it. Confusing to say the least..
Her outfit was also very bad.Overall a very weak performance. For such an up-beat energetic song it sure was very low key

Though I must say Spain always disappoint. Always hyped up entries only to flop miserably. So no real surprise here!

Make Frans Trend Again (and again)
Make Frans Trend Again (and again)

The top results should also include Jüri Pootsmann. His performance was surprisingly dull for many but it is still a biggest disappointment too. We expected him to have a good staging similar to what happened back in the Estonian national final!


Really? I hated the studio version, I actually thought it looked and sounded better on stage. I think there might be a misunderstanding in the name of the category: are you sure “biggest disappointment” doesn’t mean that people would have liked her to score higher and are disappointed by the result (instead of by the actual song)? That’s how I would interpret it anyway.


I loved the studio version and I didn’t think the live performance was bad (especially the vocals, they were great), but it could have been better. Spain also had the disadvantage to perform after Russia and that’s why I think it did so bad, not because of the staging / song / performance, but the reason it did so bad is the running order


Whilst not a fan of the outfits, I couldn’t see much else wrong with the presentation or the performance. I thought Barei was stunning, I loved the fall and pretty much everything else.