Moldova may not stage a national selection this year, says general producer Leonid Melnic

After the good news that Moldova is still on the Eurovision cards, today comes the bad news that broadcaster TRM might have to scrap its beloved national selection O melodie pentru Europa due to budget constraints.

In a statement for the local news outlet Kankan, Leonid Melnic, who is also one of the organizers behind O melodie pentru Europa, said that, while Moldova will “definitely” be in Kyiv in 2017, the act won’t necessarily be picked via the national selection shows, as per usual.

The national broadcaster is in a profound crisis, so we might not hold a national selection. The decision is not final for now, it’s just suppositions at this stage. We now have the elections and we will make up our minds afterwards. 

Moldova is now choosing its president. On Sunday, the people were split between two candidates — one pro-Russian, the other pro-European — and the second round will be held on the 13th of November. Could the decision be based on the result of the presidential election?

Moldova’s broadcaster is not the only one in the region hit by financial hardship. Last year Romania’s TVR suffered the unprecedented and shameful indignity of being temporarily expelled from the EBU and the contest due to unpaid debts. Ukraine is also in a sticky situation. Just this morning, NTU’s general director resigned in protest over his incredibly slim budget, which is expected to cover hosting Eurovision plus normal day-to-day operations.

Many Moldovan artists will see their dreams of fleeting stardom crushed. This may sound like a glimmer of hope for none other than Romanian Eurovision star Mihai Traistariu, who has announced his wish to represent the neighbouring country with a killer song in Kyiv next year. Maybe TRM should just select him instead and save a whole lot of cash?

Or should they send this duo, who have already chosen their song?


Certainly, there are many other options that TRM could choose from.

Who do you think should be the so lucky act to be selected internally, if indeed O melodie pentru Europa is no more? And would you be sad not to witness the spectacle that is Moldova’s national selection this year? Let us know below!