Quite for a while: Anna Rossinelli is “Speechless” in latest music video

It’s been almost a year since they released their third studio album Takes Two To TangoAnd it wasn’t by accident that the record took Anna Rossinelli and her band straight into the Swiss top ten.

The LP is packed full of Americana flavoured pop gems, with “Bang Bang Bang”, “Broken Hearted” and “King Mustafa” whetting our appetites for more.

Sure enough, Switzerland’s Eurovision 2011 entry has more to give. Last week, they dropped yet another track from the album — “Speechless”.

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New videoclip "Speechless" with the wonderful dancer @dangdangviet

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The single ties together both the smoky melancholy and heady optimism of the album’s previous cuts. Opening to a series of solitary guitar strums, Anna sings of past hurts.

But she doesn’t seem too hung up as she launches into a soaring chorus. Lyrics such as “You leave me speechless, speechless, broken into pieces” belie the song’s underlying mood, which, while not quite jubilant, is far from downbeat.

The music video sees Anna get up to some bedtime shenanigans with the renowned choreographer Viet Dang. And by shenanigans we mean amazingly abstract dancing… be good!

Anna writhes in bed as Viet mirrors her movements while hanging from the ceiling.

Away from the bedroom acrobatics, we see Anna running down a lonely corridor. Brief flashes reveal that she has no eyes, a sight which is disturbing and confusing in equal measures.

Just like the song, the clip is more than artistic angst, closing to scenes of the pair happily frolicking on the beach.

Anna Rossinelli “Speechless” (Official Music Video)

Despite finishing a disappointing last in the Eurovision 2011 grand final, Anna Rossinelli and her band have gone on to be probably Switzerland’s most successful act outside the contest in recent years.

All their albums have charted in the Swiss top ten, while their 2014 single “Shine In The Light” was the official Swiss soundtrack for the Winter Olympics.

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