X Factor Eurovision extravaganza! Australia’s Dami Im and Guy Sebastian perform live

It was a ‘Eurovision alumni theme’ on X Factor Australia on Monday with both Dami Im and Guy Sebastian performing.

For Dami, it was a matter of going back to her roots, as she won the fifth season of X Factor in 2013. But for Guy it was more about showing out in his own house, as he is currently a judge on the show with Adam Lambert, Iggy Azalea and Mel B.

Dami, who is currently touring Australia, gave back to the show that launched her career by offering this year’s charges a little advice and encouragement. And the seven finalists thanked her by performing a group cover of her Eurovision 2016 song “Sound of Silence”.

But the real highlight of the show came when Dami performed her latest single “Fighting for Love”.

Looking glamorous as always, the South Korean-born stunner sang in front of a projection screen with graphics and lyrics shadowing her. It was very Sergey Lazarev and we totally approve.

A pair of dancers supported Dami on stage, adding a touch of classicism to her otherwise forward-leaning, futuristic performance.

Later in the show, Eurovision 2015 star Guy Sebastian performed his latest single “Set in Stone” (which you can buy here).

Surrounded by wooden frames, a wooden staircase and plenty of fog, he created major atmosphere — aided by a cellist and hooded backing vocalists.

Unlike his performance in Vienna, this was driven more by emotion and feeling than by footloose fun — obviously reflecting the more serious tone of the song.

Guy’s stunning performance helped push his song to #1 on Australian iTunes, proving just how influential a primetime performance on X Factor can be.

Dami’s performance helped her song reach #33 on the charts, and we’re pretty sure that her slick music video will help it move up in the days ahead.

The morning after the show, Dami appeared on the breakfast TV show Sunrise, where she sang the whole song live and had a brief chat about the single.

She’s asked about why “Fighting For Love” was the perfect follow-up to Eurovision.

“‘Sound of Silence’ was a big ballad and perfect for Eurovision,” she said. “I wanted to go with something completely different, something a bit more uptempo and fun!”

What do you think of Guy Sebastian’s and Dami Im’s latest live performance? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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