Junior Eurovision 2016: Second rehearsals (November 17) footage and reviews

The first set of second rehearsals of Junior Eurovision 2016 took place today. All of today’s acts, who first rehearsed on Tuesday, had a bit of time to work out issues from their first takes, and some of them tried on new outfits in the light. Many of the changes have to do with camera cuts and pacing, which won’t be apparent in the rehearsal videos we filmed below.

Maltese broadcaster PBS are working hard to keep bits of the staging a secret so they’ll really stand out during the show itself. As such, our rehearsal videos might not show as much as they do at Eurovision. We’ve been asked to zoom in and not to reveal too much of the LED. But you’ll still get a great view of the acts in one whole run through!

Poland: Olivia Wieczorek — “Nie zapomnij”

Olivia is still working that feather skirt, y’all. There’s no particular big changes to the staging either, which will please those who voted her as the best rehearsal from day one.

It’s still beautifully understated and really allows Olivia’s voice to shine. You can also see some more of the backdrop here too, including the couples who appear towards the end of the song. Olivia looks like she’s really enjoying the experience so far and it really does show on stage.

Malta: Christina Magrin — “Parachute”

Christina’s team decided to remove her dancers, preventing the stage from getting too crowded and making sure that the spotlight is all on her. It’s a lot cleaner.

Malta are banking on those vocals and we are ready to sign that cheque. Christina nails it every time. She’s doing everything she can to try and keep us in Valetta for another year!

FYR Macedonia: Martija Stanojkovic — “Love Will Lead our Way”

Martija’s performance was already on-point on Tuesday and it remained that way today. It looks like she might be using some slightly different camera angles, but that’s about it. Her dancers remain and the walk to the satellite stage is still present — albeit with more attitude. Everything looks tight. Macedonia will just be hoping Martija’s vocals can match the energy around her on the night. The backdrop really does pop with the bright pink colour too.

We had a sneak peak of her outfit back stage and it is totally Beyonce! It’s very tight and mature, and works well with the number. Let’s just say she wouldn’t be able to get through airport security wearing this.

Israel: Shir and Tim — “Follow My Heart”

Israel were looking a little uncertain after Tuesday’s rehearsal, but that’s all changed now. Shir looks much more confident on stage and really matches Tim’s enthusiasm. There’s also an incredible aerial shot that you’ll be seeing at the final. The duo stand on the LED floor with a ball of fire under them. The camera then quickly pans to their faces afterwards: it really stands out. A great job all round!

The Netherlands: Kisses — “Kisses and Dancin”

The Netherlands have gone for a complete change of outfits today. Out goes the neon fleeks and lols, replaced with a dress and jacket made up of various postcards. They told us afterwards that they aren’t sure which outfit they’ll ultimately wear. The girls continued to grow in confidence, nailing their vocals and choreography. The attitude was always there…

Cyprus: George Michaelides — “Dance Floor”

A slight change of outfits for Cyprus as George and his dancing drummers wear black to blend in with their hooded tops. The whole production remains as slick as ever and whilst George continues to bust out those dance moves, smoke machines have been added towards the end of the performance to add extra drama. Vocally this was stronger and

Ireland: Zena Donnelly — “Bríce Ar Bhríce”

Zena revealed her stage outfit, and she’ll kick off the show in an elegant turquoise dress. Its billowing bottom serves high school prom realness, while the sparkles and cut scream fairy tale princess. The choreography remains simple and effective, with Zena conveying more with her voice and face than most can convey shaking their booty. She’s clearly enjoying herself and continues to werk those cameras.

Italy: Fiamma Boccia — “Cara Mamma (Dear Mom)”

Review to come

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