Macedonia’s Martija Stanojkovic: “I’m a Belieber!”

At wiwibloggs, most of the team have coined onto the phrase of “let’s do this”. But roles were reversed when chief wiwiblogger William spoke with Macedonia‘s Martija Stanojkovic on the red carpet at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 opening ceremonyin Valletta, Malta.

Our JESC 2016 Wiwi Jury runner-up spoke of her song “Love Will Lead Our Way”, her obsession with Justin Bieber and a whole lot more. In the words of Martija herself, let’s do this!

Martija Stanojkovic interview at Junior Eurovision 2016

Martija looked like the Princess of Skopje as she walked the red carpet at opening ceremony. Serving some major attitude and sass in her peachy-lace ensemble, she enjoys being the centre of attention, saying “When I go to events like this, I want to try to stand out a little bit, maybe that’s not too good, but I’m sorry, that’s my style.”

Speaking of her Junior Euroivison entry, “Love Will Lead Our Way”, Martija admitted that listening to the final version was a little confronting, going on to explain that “It was weird, truly, because it is my first single. When you hear your voice recorded, it’s weird because, truly, me – I don’t like my voice on recordings. But this one is OK.”

Let us tell you something, Miss Martija! Our William said it all. It’s more than OK, it is perfect!

Feeling flattered about being one of the favourites to win the contest this year, Martija told us that, “I feel hyped-up. I just say, ‘Don’t rush, don’t rush, no pressure’,” and then she added, “That’s the title of one of Justin’s (Bieber) songs”.

And then came the gushing over the teen heartthrob himself, Justin Bieber. “I love him so much, I’m a fan, I’m a Belieber! I feel emotional while I’m telling this!” Martija said.

Martija Stanojkovic walks the Junior Eurovision 2016 red carpet

The 12-year-old also draws inspiration from her family and her fans, of whom she said, “They are not as big as Justin’s, but they are fans and they always support me, and I love them even if they are in a small numbers. I truly love them from my heart because they inspired me to go to Eurovision.”

Martija had a very inspirational message for her supporters, “You should do something you really love, not just because someone is forcing you to do it. In this moment, in this life, everyone is telling you, ‘Don’t do that, that’s stupid, do this, you’re gonna make much more money then’. Don’t listen to that. Do whatever you want, do your job with love.”

And then, as if she just realized what she said, she laughed, “Oh my god, I feel like a life coach!”

FYR Macedonia second rehearsal at Junior Eurovision 2016

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