Belgium: RTBF reveal Blanche as their Eurovision 2017 act

RTBF know they have good thing with stars from the Voice Belgique, so why change the formula? Following in the footsteps of Roberto Bellarosa and Loic Nottet, they’ve announced Blanche will be Belgium’s representative at Eurovision 2017. Blanche performed on the latest season of the Voice, under her real name of Ellie Delvaux.

The announcement was made through the Voice Belgique’s official Facebook page, with a new Facebook page for Blanche also confirming the news:

Blanche was coached by French band Cats on Trees during her time in the competition. She made it through to the live shows, ultimately going out two weeks before the final. Along the way, she performed songs by the likes of Adele, Radiohead and Beyoncé. With her own YouTube page showing off some more covers as well, it’s clear that there’s a lot of genres Blanche can lend her hand to.

Blanche is said to be working with the Pierre Dumoulin, lead singer of the band Roscoe, on her song.

RTBF have yet to confirm any other information on the song yet, though. Interestingly, they’re also yet to confirm what language Blanche will be singing in. The last time Belgium’s song was not in English was back in 2008, when they returned to a constructed language for “O Julissi”. Somehow, we doubt Blanche will be going down that route — but who knows!

Either way, there’s a lot riding on RTBF to qualify this year more than ever. Fellow broadcaster VRT finally broke their non-qualification run in 2016, when Laura Tesoro delivered a second consecutive top ten finish for the country. “What’s the Pressure” indeed, RTBF!

This now brings us up to four confirmed acts for Eurovision 2017, with Blanche joining Jana Burceska from Macedonia, Hovig from Cyprus and O’G3NE from the Netherlands. It’s getting busy!

What do you think of RTBF’s selection of Blanche for Belgium? Do you think that she’ll be able to give Belgium yet another strong finish? Let us know in the comments section below!

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