The Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis looks back at Eurovision ahead of Christmas tour

We all remember Trijntje Oosterhuis and her song “Walk Along” which came crashing down in the semi-final in 2015 and her oh-so-awful costume. But in a recent interview on Dutch radio, the lady of soul revealed she has no regrets about her Eurovision experience — including wearing her controversial dress.

Trijntje paid a visit to visited NPO Radio 5 to talk about music, Eurovision and her upcoming Christmas tour A Christmas evening with Trijntje which runs from December 10th until December 30th.

From her long career in music, her Eurovision participation is what was talked about the most. Although she does not consider her Eurovision experience as one of the musical highlights of her career. As she told to NPO Radio 5:

“I’m just a singer and a musician and then you don’t belong to Eurovision. Eurovision is all about what it looks like on television; the visuals… it’s a totally different branch. But I have learnt things from it as well, since I’m in the same industry. It would be crazy to isolate yourself from this part of the entertainment world. But I have to be honest, I feel way better at being a musician. I had never done it in my career before, but I was aksed so many times it made me think, ‘Why shouldn’t I?'”

Trijntje and that dress backstage in Vienna

Trijntje and that dress backstage in Vienna

One of the most infamous things to happen at her Eurovision participation was that dress and the big fuss made about it. Trijntje explained what she thought about the whole situation:

“Everybody can have their own opinions. I thought the dress was totally amazing. The reason why I did not wear it was because the floor of the stage was very slippery and I had high heels. I was quite scared and I did not want to stand on those heels anymore. And I was pregnant at the same times as well and nobody knew that. So, I felt ill all the the time.

So, in the end I said, “I have to wear something else,” because the dress would not fit with trainers. Looking back, I just should have done that, not caring and going on stage with trainers and that dress. Because I love that dress so much! There is really nothing wrong with it!”

Trijntje wore the infamous dress once on television, it was during a duet with TV host Jan Versteegh as part of the show It Takes Two back in April. The dress was originally sold for a charity action back in October 2015.

Even after Eurovision, controversy did not stop when “Walk Along” composer and Trijntje’s bestie Anouk added fuel to the fire by saying Trijntje was naive in what she had done. Trijntje said she was not hurt by Anouk’s comments:

“I think someone is entitled about their own opinion. And I can imagine that Anouk was disappointed that her composition that her song had not achieved more than it had. I think you should not be naive about it if you are participating in such a competition. I have participated because I wanted to finally experience it.

I think Anouk — everybody knows what she is like — should have taken responsibility for what she says. I find it a pity for her that she is so disappointed about it. Because I was not carried away when I stepped into it. Such comments Anouk made will hurt you if you are sensitive. But like I said, I’m not easily carried away, so I was not hurt by her words. She is allowed to have her opinon. We have such a different taste and opinon. Like, if she said: “Trijntje sang very bad,” that would have hurt me.”

Trijntje’s life has definitly moved on since the Eurovision participation. She stays her classy and souly self and will hit theaters and churches with her Christmas tour around the Netherlands this December.

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Picture: Warner Music Benelux BV