Czech Republic: Marta Jandova takes bronze on “Your Face Sounds Familiar”

While we were all occupied with Junior Eurovision, Marta Jandova was changing clothes, slipping into hair and make-up, and dropping that powerful voice. That’s because she was participating in the Czech version of You Face Sounds Familiar (or Tvoje tvar ma znamy hlas). Marta fought her way through the contest for three months and grabbed bronze in the end — a job very well done!

Though Czech celebs Jan Cina and David Gransky managed to earn higher positions in the final ranking, Marta delivered several remarkable performances. She even won three episodes while channeling Beyonce, Cee Lo Green and Meat Loaf — talk about variety! — and came second twice by recreating performances from Alice Cooper and Bonnie Tyler. In honour of Marta’s success we just have to take a look at some of her transformations…

Remember how Marta hated walking on high heels at Eurovision and threw them away on stage in Vienna? Well, this time she had to not only walk, but also dance in those bloody high heels. Because if you want to be Beyonce, you have to work your hips even when standing on spikes!

Marta did that extremely well in her “Crazy in Love” performance, earning her victory that week by dropping energetic moves and major attitude.

You can hardly recognize Marta, but it really was her bringing soul and funk to the show. Dressed as Cee Lo Green — replete with body padding, loads of make-up and the illusion of baldness — she performed his well-known single “Forget You”.

She simply nailed it and brought the house down as no one could resist that sweet temptation to dance by the end of the performance.

She then through herself into a time machine and reincarnated the glorious Bonnie Tyler, who of course belongs to our Eurovision family after representing the UK at Eurovision 2013. Marta showed the fire, showed the struggle and showed us her need for a hero! She delivered it with passion and that 80s realness. No wonder she received such great feedback from the judges.

Marta deliverd a lot more of these amazing transformations. She also stepped into the shoes of Adele, Katy Perry, Annie Lennox, Kaoma, Mariah Carey, Jessica Rabbit and even her father Petr Janda. You can watch them all on the show’s YouTube channel.

And what do you think? Did you enjoy seeing Marta Jandova covering all those superstars? Which transformation is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!