Switzerland: Lidia Isac qualifies for Live Check round

She didn’t have much luck in Stockholm, but now Lidia Isac is trying for Eurovision again — this time with Switzerland. The Moldovan songstress has revealed that her song “The Life Beyond” has been selected for Switzerland’s Live Check round.

After placing 17th in her Stockholm semi-final with “Falling Stars”, Lidia is attempting a comeback with another country.

In a post on her Facebook, Lidia shared her new song “The Life Beyond” with fans. She confirmed that the song has been shortlisted for Switzerland’s upcoming Live Check round:

Dear friends! Today we present to you a song created by an international team from Moldova, Switzerland, Italy and Ukraine. We are sure that music doesn’t have boundaries! Enjoy! P.S. This song is in the top 20 in the national Eurovision selection Switzerland!

So what’s a Moldovan girl doing in the Swiss national selection? In previous years when the Swiss national final was open to entrants of any nationality. This year, however, the broadcasters require that each entry must have a Swiss connection.

As a result, “The Life Beyond” is a multi-national affair. Lidia has teamed up with Italian singer Daniele Guastella, while the other songwriters provide the Swiss connection. Additionally, the song was recorded in Moldova and arranged by a Ukraine team.

Lidia’s announcement is the first song or artist revealed for the Live Check this year. The radically revamped Swiss national final means that the previously public Expert Check round has been replaced by the closed Live Check round.

We’re not sure if Lidia was supposed to reveal that her song had been selected, but the cat is well and truly out of the bag now!

Lidia and Daniele will join 20 other acts at Live Check on 4 December. There an expert panel will assess the live performance skills, vocal ability as well as stage presence of all 21 acts.

Once the panel has made their decision, SRF will then announce six to ten finalists who will perform at the live final in Zurich on 5 February. Jury voting in the grand final has been scrapped so Swiss televoters alone will decide who represents their country in Kyiv.

The revamped national final process follows Switzerland’s disappointing results at Eurovision in recently years, placing last in their semi-final in both 2015 and 2016.

What do you think of Lidia’s new song? Can it bring Eurovision victory for Switzerland? Share your thoughts below!