FYR Macedonia opens public search for Jana Burceska’s Eurovision song

Earlier in November, FYR Macedonia‘s broadcaster MRT announced that singer Jana Burceska would represent her country in Kyiv. Now the broadcaster has opened a public submission period in its search for a song for Jana.

The song search is open to songwriters from both FYR Macedonia and abroad. MRT is looking for an “original, unpublished and contemporary composition” for Jana to perform at Eurovision 2017.

The broadcaster says it welcomes entries from both established and new songwriters, as a way of increasing competition amongst entrants. MRT is hoping to select a song that delivers a “quality and dignified representation” of FYR Macedonia at Eurovision.

MRT earlier promised that their entry for Kyiv would be a “modern and attractive” end product, which gives clues to the type of song they’ll be looking for.

Interested songwriters can email their demos to the broadcaster, with the submission period closing on Sunday 25 December, aka Christmas Day.

FYR Macedonia at Eurovision

FYR Macedonia’s hasn’t had the best results at Eurovision in recent years. They have only qualified for the final twice in the past decade. Kaliopi’s 2012 entry “Crno i belo” gave the country its best result in that period, placing 13th in Baku.

In the four years since, FYR Macedonia has failed to qualify for the grand final every year. Established stars like Tijana and Daniel Kajmakoski delivered disappointing results, with fans agreeing they’d partly been let down by poor staging.

Macedonian Idol star Jana Burceska was announced at FYR Macedonia’s act for Eurovision 2017. Jana is an experienced performer, having competed in Skopje Fest numerous times. She has a genre-spanning back catalogue ranging from big band to rock, that shows Jana is a versatile artist.

What do you think? What sort of song should Jana sing in Kyiv? Share your thoughts below!