POLL: Which former Eurovision winner had the best Melodifestivalen comeback?

Christmas came early this week when Sweden’s SVT unveiled the 28 acts who will compete for Melodifestivalen 2017 glory. And what a list of names, old Christer Claus Björkman was very good to us this year.

We had three-time MTV EMA winners The Fooo Conspiracy, UMK winner Krista Siegfrids, Sweden’s Got Talent winner Jon Henrik Fjällgren, and Swedish Idol winner Lisa Ajax. But from this list of champions, two names shone brightest — Charlotte Perrelli and Loreen, the winners of Eurovision 1999 and 2012 respectively.

Rather than walk off into the glittering horizon, both ladies are back for another shot at Eurovision glory. And they’re by no means the first to do so — Charlotte herself has already returned to Melfest twice since her 1999 win.

In honour of their return, we’ve decided to round up all the other previous Eurovision winners who attempted a song contest comeback via Melodifestivalen.

You can watch the attempts from all five of them — Elisabeth Andreassen, Carola Häggkvist,  Katrina Leskanich, Charlotte Perrelli and Helena Paparizou — below. Then vote in our poll below. You can vote for as many comebacks as you like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to check the box next to every comeback you want to support before submitting your votes.

Note: We’re only including Eurovision winners that have made competitive comebacks at Melodifestivalen after they won Eurovision.

Elisabeth Andreassen:

Eurovision win: As part of Bobbysocks, “La det swinge” for Norway at Eurovision 1985.

Melodifestivalen comeback #1: 7th in Melfest 1990 final with “Jag ser en stjärna falla”.

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Melodifestivalen comeback #2: As part of  Kikki, Bettan & Lotta, 3rd in Melfest 2002 final with “Vem é dé du vill ha”.

Melodifestivalen comeback #3: 8th in semi-final 2 at Melfest 2011 with “Vaken i en dröm”.

Carola Häggkvist:

Eurovision win: “Fångad av en stormvind” for Sweden at Eurovision 1991.

Melodifestivalen comeback #1: Melfest 2006 winner with “Evighet”.

Melodifestivalen comeback #2: As part of Johnson & Häggkvist, reached Andra Chansen at Melfest 2008 with “One Love”.

Katrina Leskanich:

Eurovision win: As lead singer of Katrina and the Waves, “Love Shine A Light” for the UK at Eurovision 1997.

Melodifestivalen comeback: As lead singer of Katrina and the Nameless, reached Andra Chansen at Melfest 2005 with “As If Tomorrow Will Never Come”.

Charlotte Perrelli:

Eurovision win: As Charlotte Nilsson, “Take Me To Your Heaven” for Sweden at Eurovision 1999.

Melodifestivalen comeback #1: Melfest 2008 winner with “Hero”.

Melodifestivalen comeback #2: 5th in semi-final 4 at Melfest 2012 with “The Girl”.

Helena Paparizou:

Eurovision win: “My Number One” for Greece at Eurovision 2005.

Melodifestivalen comeback: 4th in Melfest 2014 final with “Survivor”.

POLL: Which former Eurovision winner had the best Melodifestivalen comeback?