Depi Evratesil: Hasmik and Lilit crash out of Round 4 ahead of Armenia’s semi-finals

Round Four of Depi Evratesil took place this weekend, pitting the final twelve contestants against each other in the ongoing death match to sing for Armenia at Eurovision 2017. The three-month long competition is in its final stretch and the competition is getting fierce. We’re talking ferocious. Our star-studded judging panel had some incredibly difficult decisions to make with only six spots in the semi-finals up for grabs.

In Round Four, the remaining two artists from each team battled against one another, leaving just one artist standing on each team. However, the stakes were even higher this week as the mentoring judge had the sole power to decide who won each duel. Yes, mama and papa had to kill one of their own chidlren. Talk about a big decision!

You can watch this week’s episode in full below.

The first duel featured Team Iveta, pitting Hasmik Siroyan against Vahe Aleksanyan. Hasmik has been a perennial favourite among our readers and received a very memorable and borderline cray reaction from Iveta in Round Two. Hasmik chose to cover Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” while Vahe covered “Radioactive“.

The judges felt that Hasmik’s song choice was risky and it didn’t pay off, with Iveta making the shock decision to send Vahe to the semi-finals. The decision has been met with plenty of criticism on social media, with many fans seeing Hasmik as the clear winner of the competition. Nevertheless, Iveta’s decision was final and Hasmik became the first shock casualty of Round Four.

Up next was Team Inga, with Syuzanna Melkonyan taking on Gevorg Harutyunyan. After two fabulous performances, the judges praised Syuzanna’s growth in the competition. Gevorg was praised for his artistic performances and acting skills. Ultimately, Inga chose to send Syuzanna to the semi-finals.

Team Hayko was next, with Team Wiwi favourite Egine battling against the powerful Anna Danielyan. After dazzling us with her cover of “Burnin’ Up” last week, Egine once again covered Jessie J. Singing “Sexy Silk“, Egine served more showgirl realness. Egine’s vocals continue to improve and there is no question that she has more stage presence than any other contestant. Anna covered Adele’s “Rumour Has It” and was vocally flawless.

In this battle between Anna’s flawless vocals and Egine’s energy, the latter came out on top. Egine is in the Final Six and one step closer to representing Armenia at Eurovision.

Team Essaï took part in the fourth duel, with Opera Viva battling Arcvik. Opera Viva have been flying under the radar with their strong vocals, while Arcvik has always been a favourite among our readers. Our readers’ favourite won the day with her cover of “Stand Up For Love“, earning her a place in the semi-finals. Arcvik has some of the most powerful vocals of the competition and remains a strong contender to win.

Aram’s team had the most intense duel of the round, with heavyweight contenders Lilit Harutyunyan and Lucy doing battle. In the last round, Lucy dazzled us with her cover of “Euphoria”, while Lilit followed suit with “Price Tag”. In another shock decision, Aram chose to send Lucy to the semi-finals after her stirring cover of “Say Something“. This is yet another decision which may raise a few eyebrows, as Lilit seemingly had the whole package to represent Armenia at Eurovision. Despite her incredible performances, 2017 won’t be her year.

The final duel was on Team Anush, with Marta battling against Alexander Plato. Despite her enormous voice, Marta has sailed under the radar in the competition, while Alexander Plato has grabbed plenty of attention for his unconventional performances, which toe the line between pure genius and completely crazy. In yet another intense duel between two very different artists, Marta became the last semi-finalist. With big names such as Hasmik and Lilit eliminated, it might finally be Marta’s time to shine.

With Round Four now over, the remaining contestants are:

  • Aram MP3 — Lucy
  • Inga — Suzanna Melkonyan
  • Essaï — Arcvik
  • Iveta — Vahe Aleksanyan
  • Hayko — Egine
  • Anush — Marta

The semi-final takes place next week with only six contestants left in the competition. This is the final stretch — who will win Depi Evratesil and represent Armenia at Eurovision?

Were you surprised by this week’s results? Let us know in the comments below.

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