WATCH: Sergey Lazarev plays god in “Idealniy Mir” music video

He topped the Eurovision 2016 televote with a mid-noughties throwback. Now, for his latest release, Russia’s Sergey Lazarev is taking us right up to the present day. Because “Idealniy Mir” is so 2016.

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Live versions of the track, which translates as “Perfect World”, have been knocking around the internet since at least 2015. But both sonically and lyrically this couldn’t be more now.

Combining electro elements with pure pop and the tiniest splash of tropical beats, the single is easily Sergey’s most current sounding song for a long time. And it’s a real earworm too. It might be sung in Russian, but the “idealniy mir…” refrain is infectious in any language.

With Brexit, Trump and who knows what else looming large, the song is particularly timely. The “You Are The Only One” hitmaker sings of a utopia where men and women are both strong and gentle. His world is “imperfectly perfect”, but difference and risk-taking are encouraged as ultimately all is forgiven.

In contrast to the song’s worthy message, the official music video is complete light-hearted fun. We see Sergey play God and create a woman from scratch, using an array of bits and bobs from his high-tech laboratory. Who knew you only needed a butcher’s knife, a drill, a smartphone and some cosmetics to make a beautiful model?

He then sends the woman down into his “Idealniy Mir”, where she meets an equally attractive male he made earlier. Alas, the two set about re-creating the mistakes of Adam and Eve, much to poor Sergey’s frustration.

Sergey Lazarev “Idealniy Mir” (Official Music Video)

Interview with Sergey Lazarev at Israel Calling 2016

What do you think of Sergey’s “Perfect World”? Does it merit a spot in your own musical Utopia? Let us know in the comments below.


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