Belarus: We listened to the 13 Eurovision 2017 finalists and filmed our reaction

Questionable lyrics, dated melodies, naked men with wolves, a habit of totally revamping (or ditching) songs ahead of Eurovision — Belarus always makes us smile and scratch our heads. So wiwibloggers William and Deban were particularly excited to sit down and listen to the 13 songs competing in Belarus’ national selection for Eurovision 2017.

The contest will unfold on January 20, giving a professional jury and members of the Belarusian public a chance to express themselves. But before they cast judgment we thought we’d get in on the action too by filming our first reaction. This video is candid and we haven’t received any behind-the-scenes paybacks, though if you’d like to send us one we’ll happily pass along our bank details. We accept euros, British pounds and Vietnamese dong.

This year’s contest features a few returnees including NAVI, who are serving some Native American tribal guitar realness, and NAPOLI, who, bizarrely, will represent Poland at this year’s edition of Turkvizyon — the alternative Eurovision Song Contest for countries with large Turkic communities.

We’ve been running a poll on wiwibloggs since November 30 and so far NAVI has a commanding lead with 26% of all votes cast. Their song “Gistoriya maygo zhytstsya”, which infuses a barnyard stomper with traditional Belarusian sounds, is high-energy and instantly memorable, which catapults it above the competition (most of whom seem to have misplaced their choruses).

Who should sing for Belarus at Eurovision 2017? (Results as of December 10)

Total votes: 1,965
Which songs stood out to you on first listen? And which ones have remained on your playlist? Let us know in the comments box below.

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