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As the dust settles on another year of the X Factor UK, fans of winner Matt Terry, runner-up Saara Aalto and all the acts that fell before them are now debating whether the best singer won — and questioning by how much.

Well now broadcaster ITV is feeding the fire by revealing the full voting stats from all the live shows. The results of the final weekend show just how close the competition was.

Saara actually won Saturday’s show, which saw her cover Tears For Fears before duetting with Adam Lambert. She amassed 35.3% of all votes, which put her just ahead of Matt, who earned 33.4%, and 5 After Midnight, who finished last with 31.3%.

But fortunes turned on Sunday, with Matt pushing his final tally up to 48.5% to Saara’s 40.4% — a margin of victory of 8.1%.

As we already know, Saara Aalto found herself in the bottom two in weeks 1, 2 and 5. But after surviving two sing-offs — and rather handily — she bounced back to finish second during weeks 3 and 6. That’s how you make a comeback!

She finished second during week 7 before picking up momentum and topping the table in both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals.

X Factor: Full Voting Results

Week 1 – Express yourself

Brooks Way were withdrawn from the live shows due to undisclosed circumstances.

  1. Matt Terry – 22.2%
  2. 5 After Midnight – 13.3%
  3. Emily Middlemas – 11.9%
  4. Honey G – 10.9%
  5. Sam Lavery – 9.8%
  6. Relley C – 7.8%
  7. Gifty Louise – 6.6%
  8. Ryan Lawrie – 6.2%
  9. Saara Aalto – 5.3%
  10. Freddy Parker – 3.4%
  11. Bratavio – 2.6%

Lifeline vote results

  1. Freddy Parker – 52.0%
  2. Saara Aalto – 38.5%
  3. Bratavio – 9.5%

Week 2 – Motown

Having missed out on a place at the Judges’ Houses, Four of Diamonds were chosen to replace Brooks Way.

  1. Matt Terry – 19.5%
  2. 5 After Midnight – 15.6%
  3. Emily Middlemas – 11.0%
  4. Honey G – 9.3%
  5. Sam Lavery – 8.8%
  6. Four of Diamonds – 7.3%
  7. Relley C – 6.6%
  8. Gifty Louise – 6.4%
  9. Saara Aalto – 6.4%
  10. Ryan Lawrie – 4.6%
  11. Freddy Parker – 4.5%

Lifeline vote Results

  1. Ryan Lawrie – 37.9%
  2. Saara Aalto – 32.0%
  3. Freddy Parker – 30.0%

Week 3 – Divas

  1. Matt Terry – 17.8%
  2. Saara Aalto – 13.7%
  3. Emily Middlemas – 11.9%
  4. 5 After Midnight – 11.5%
  5. Honey G – 9.4%
  6. Sam Lavery – 8.1%
  7. Gifty Louise – 7.9%
  8. Ryan Lawrie – 7.4%
  9. Relley C – 6.2%
  10. Four of Diamonds – 6.1%

Lifeline vote results

  1. Ryan Lawrie – 37.9%
  2. Relley C – 36.0%
  3. Four of Diamonds – 26.1%

Week 4 – Fright Night

  1. Emily Middlemas – 18.7%
  2. Matt Terry – 18.7%
  3. Saara Aalto – 11.3%
  4. 5 After Midnight – 10.6%
  5. Sam Lavery – 10.1%
  6. Honey G – 9.2%
  7. Ryan Lawrie – 8.7%
  8. Gifty Louise – 6.6%
  9. Four of Diamonds – 6.1%

Lifeline vote Results

  1. Ryan Lawrie – 41.2%
  2. Gifty Louise – 35.0%
  3. Four of Diamonds – 23.8%

Week 5 – Girlbands vs Boybands

  1. Matt Terry – 16.7%
  2. 5 After Midnight – 15.5%
  3. Emily Middlemas – 15.3%
  4. Ryan Lawrie – 14.1%
  5. Honey G – 11.6%
  6. Saara Aalto – 9.4%
  7. Four of Diamonds – 8.9%
  8. Sam Lavery – 8.5%

Lifeline vote Results

  1. Sam Lavery – 46.1%
  2. Four of Diamonds – 27.3%
  3. Saara Aalto – 26.6%

Week 6 – Disco

  1. 5 After Midnight – 19.0%
  2. Saara Aalto – 18.4%
  3. Matt Terry – 16.7%
  4. Emily Middlemas – 13.4%
  5. Honey G – 11.7%
  6. Ryan Lawrie – 11.1%
  7. Sam Lavery – 9.7%

Week 7 – Movies

  1. Matt Terry – 21.1%
  2. Saara Aalto – 20.1%
  3. 5 After Midnight – 17.5%
  4. Emily Middlemas – 16.8%
  5. Ryan Lawrie – 13.3%
  6. Honey G – 11.2%

Quarter-final – Louis Loves and contestants’ own choice

  1. Saara Aalto – 23.7%
  2. Emily Middlemas – 22.6%
  3. Matt Terry – 21.2%
  4. 5 After Midnight – 20.3%
  5. Honey G – 12.2%

Semi-final – Christmas and contestants’ own choice

  1. Saara Aalto – 28.8%
  2. 5 After Midnight – 26.6%
  3. Matt Terry – 22.5%
  4. Emily Middlemas – 22.1%

Final (10 December) – Contestants’ own choice and celebrity duet

  1. Saara Aalto – 35.3%
  2. Matt Terry – 33.4%
  3. 5 After Midnight – 31.3%

Final (11 December) – Song of the series and song to win

  1. Matt Terry – 48.5%
  2. Saara Aalto – 40.4%

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She never had a real chance. Saara was given the impossible songs to perform (“Everybody wants to rule the World” from the 80s – what the bleep – I mean it’s a decent song, but…), which she performed miraculously, but it’s not enough against a good looking male 🙂

Saara Fan

I really wanted Saara to win. Now I feel so gutted, but I’m still happy she made it so far when it didn’t look that good in the beginning.

Stian F
Saara was the absolute best in both performances on the Saturday show. On Sunday show I think Matt did a petter performance of his Song of the Series, and it helped him a lot that “Writings on the wall” is a way more accepted song overall (as there are many People that just DONT like the song “Its so quiet” by Björk despite it being performed very well) – Saara should have chosen the Abba song to be honest. Though for their second performance on Sunday night Saara was superior compared to Matt. I do suspect many of the 5AM… Read more »

If Saturday would’ve been the actual final, Saara woul’ve won.
She was the real winner of the X Factor. And if Simon doesn’t give her a chance to come to his company, he is stupid. Saara could be the pop diva all around the world.

Tina is somewhat correct in her assumption that some corners of the British voting public were apprehensive about Saara potentially winning over Matt. On the official X Factor Facebook page, Saara got tons of negative comments like “She’ll never win because she’s not British”, “She can’t sing, she screams”, “She’s had a record deal in Finland”, “She’s not pretty enough”, “She’s not a pop star”, or “She’s only good enough for cruise ships or the West End!/Broadway” After Emily Middlemas was eliminated in the semis, Simon Cowell said in an interview he backed Saara for the final and would have… Read more »

Wiwibloggs is my favourite Saara Aalto update blog! …Oh it’s about Eurovision? My bad.

congrats to saara. I hope she has much sucess in the future.

Purple Mask

@JD: Indeed, that’s one theory.

Well, actually, I voted for Donny Montell in 2012 because [insert obvious reasons here]. 🙂
In 2016 though, admittedly I voted for Dami Im (Australia) and Poli Genova (Bulgaria). I think.

Chicken Kyiv?

@tina “people voting against a foreigner”

Spare us. The final 4 were a Finn, a half Spaniard, 3 black guys, and a Scot.

So how you can then say the brits are racist is laughable.


She did so well, but I’m sad she didn’t win as she was winning Saturday. Hopefully she’ll get signed and go on to build the international career she’s always dreamed of. I think the public got it wrong this time, anyone with ears should have heard who the best singer was. Teen vote and people voting against a foreigner are to blame. Also I found the camera work oddly bad for Oh So Quiet in the final. It was all over the place. I think she was also being stitched up by the production. Loved the Whitney cover though.


@Purple Mask, Donny won the televote because of the Lithuanian diaspora.


There is a final 3, but someone had to fall at the final hurdle and finish 3rd on Satuday whilst the remaining 2 sing it out on Sunday’s winner-takes-all showdown.


I’m so proud of Saara, from UMK performances that really should have represented Finland she now has an international audience and a solid fan base in the UK! I now hope she comes back to UMK with her boost of popularity 🙂


I was sure X Factor had a final 3 and not a final 2.

Purple Mask
Hi Lia. Thank you for your comment. 🙂 I work in the media, and I remember that there was a detailed study done on the X Factor’s viewer demographics, but that was back in 2010 (before app voting started). Here is a useful forum link (scroll down a bit to find other links and some stats): http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1552114 Basically, the viewers of the show are roughly about 62% female, and it’s generally accepted that the youth audience (aged 16-25) are the largest percentage of viewers for the show. However, I have been told that since then the “tween” audience (11-16) has… Read more »

Lia, speaking for myself, I was just trying to account for the last-minute overnight bump in votes that Matt Terry got after the elimination of 5 After Midnight. Considering you can vote 15 times (for free) on the website, I think the age profile is somewhat relevant and definitely think the hormone-overcome tween demographic are more likely to vote furiously for their TV crush over and over. It also kinda makes a mockery of the whole process, but whatever. Just thinking aloud, no offense intended.

Being a “little teenage girl” myself I feel like I need to say something, considering everyone’s blaming us for anything that went wrong in this series. If you actually look at the voting stats, whenever Saara was given good song choices she did well, and in the final it all just felt a bit flat compared to the previous two weeks. Matt was way more voter-friendly, similar to winners like Matt Cardle, Ben Haenow, etc, so Saara was always going to need everything on her side to win, and it didn’t happen. A Saara supporter from the start, even I… Read more »
Purple Mask

The public loved Matt so much, but poor Freddy Parker – why wasn’t he loved?!!
Actually Saara did do very well, as ‘Chicken Kyiv?’ has already pointed out, she was never actually in the bottom two.
I think it’s safe to say that the “flash votes” were saving the cute boys every week that they appeared – that’s a bit predictable. I wonder if the ‘cute boy’ types have a similar advantage in ESC voting? (Lithuania’s Donny Montell actually WON the UK televote last year – just saying).


Whats amazing is that Saara was NEVER the last act every week, even if it went to deadlock in all those weeks, she wouldn’t went home. Amazing!! She has more support than she knows.


Interrogations were meant to be an emoji :/

Wiwibloggs should fix this to include emojis

Chicken Kyiv?

So Saara was never actually in the Bottom 2, she only had to do the sing offs because of that awful lifeline vote where all the young girls kept saving Freddie and Ryan.

Also she’d have won, if it wasn’t for all the young girls being able to unite behind Matt once 5AM were out


@Anthony, @Jonas, @James, thanks for your answers!

I didn’t expect to receive 3 answers so quickly though ????


Lol 3 answers all came at once


@R it went to 5 after midnight as they still received votes after the freeze but before results announced. The freeze is more like a snapshot as the voting didnt stop until the result so votes carried over for 5 after midnight.


R+, 5 After Midnight got the other 11% – the vote was frozen after their elimination, but all the votes cast up to that point still counted.


Votes from Saturday’s show were carried over to Sunday. 5 After Midnight got the other 11.1% following their 3rd place finish on Saturday.


48,5+40,4 = 88,9

Where’s the other 11,1 percent?


OMG in week 5 had the judges decided to bring it to deadlock then Saara would have gone home.

she is still the star of this series and matt will be forgotten about in a short amount of time.

Polegend Godgarina

Yeah, Matty won the teenage girls’ vote sadly, but considering how bland he is I assume his career will end after his Christmas single drops out of the top 75 in two weeks. Talent, in the shape and form of Saara Aalto, will prevail.


Well all the little tweens obviously switchd allegiances from that boyband trio to the next prettiest thing. Sad for Saara to be the perennial runner-up.


Matt won the final but will be forgotten in 3 months time. Saara will be the star of this season!