Switzerland’s Entscheidungsshow: We listened to the finalists and filmed our reaction

After listening to the six finalists in Die Entscheidungsshow — Switzerland’s national selection contest — I know this much is true: Switzerland is not winning Eurovision 2017.

But following two last-place finishes, with Melanie Rene’s (un)enchanting forest in 2015 and Rykka’s smoking bra and pee-pee dance in 2016, that’s probably not the goal. Instead broadcaster SRF is looking for a song solid enough to pull the country back into the final, which would go a long way in encouraging artists and songwriters in the years ahead.

But can Freschta, Ginta Biku, Michèle, Nadya, Shana Pearson or Timebelle do that? We wanted to find out so sat down, listened to the songs and filmed our reactions, which you can watch below. Sadly we aren’t on anyone’s payroll, so our reactions are totally candid.

Switzerland: Entscheidungsshow Finalists 2017 (FIRST REACTION)

Readers’ favourites

The video showcases what we think. But what do our readers think? You can read all of their comments on the initial announcement post. You can also check out the current standings of our poll “Who should win Switzerland’s ESC 2017 Entscheidungsshow?”

Since December 7 we’ve received a total of 1,291 votes. Our readers are voting for Timebelle in droves and the band currently enjoys more than 50% of all votes!


Talk about a landslide. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They won our poll back in 2015 by a huge margin, and ultimately lost out to Melanie Rene.

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