Poll: Which of Spain’s 10 Eurocasting candidates should make the final?

And then there were 10! On December 15 RTVE revealed the lucky acts who have survived the first cull of its Eurocasting. Determined by an Internet vote, the brutal process has now seen 20 acts sent off. Bye!

But the road to making it to Objetivo Eurovision — Spain’s national final, which is set for February 1 — isn’t smooth for the acts that remain.

The lucky 10 candidates will now face a professional jury, which will select only three of these fan favourites for The Eurocasting Final, which will take place on January 12 and be streamed online. From that show one winner will advance to the Objetivo Eurovision final to square off against a series of artists handpicked by RTVE. This race is long – and it’s only heating up.

RTVE will reveal the results on Tuesday. But before that, why not let them know what YOU think. You can vote in our poll at the bottom of this post. You can vote for as many acts as you’d like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the box next to each act before pressing submit.


Nieves Hidalgo with “Esclava”

She’s a veteran of The Voice and she finished on top of our #Eurocasting30 poll alongside Brequette. She’s singing an Old World ballad with major power, but she’s making it modern with her presence and beauty. She is Nieves Hidalgo!

Nito with “Luna”

He’s singing about the moon and it seems that the universe is on his side. His sexy voice, Latin sound and thumping beats clearly made voters move. Please welcome Nito to the next round!

Nicky Triphook with “Daddy’s Little Girl”

Brit-Spaniard Nicky Triphook was one of the big surprises for us. It’s not often you hear vintage tunes like “Daddy’s little girl”! But Nicky has made it modern and catchy, and it smacks of Germany’s The Baseballs. He’s charming, enthusiastic and clearly wants to make it. We’re wishing him all the best. It doesn’t hurt that he’s adorable.

Romy Low with “In Love”

Romy’s song is breezy and bright. She lets her lover know that she’s there for him and will be by his side forever and a day. “I just gotta kiss you now,” she says. And it looks like the public accepts!

Pedro Elipe with “Del dolor”

His heartbreaking ballad “From Pain” sees him singing alone with the piano. “I don’t look back because I’ve forgotten,” he sings. “The mattress now rests without your warmth.” Pass me a tissue!

Fruela with “Live It Up”

Singer, model and TV host Fruela has plenty of fans behind him. And they’re surely saying “yay!” after hearing his revamp, which showcases his deep and melodic voice perfectly. The chorus still features a lot of digital gimmickry and what sounds like an animated child’s voice. But the quality of the sound has improved considerably. Fruela and his team also added new sound effects that make “Live It Up” less monotonous towards the end. He polished a diamond and now he’s through!

Leklein with “Ouch!

Her hook may sound painful — Ouch! — but her contemporary production, solid delivery and edgy looks have made her a firm fan favourite. She felt the love and answered it with a slick revamp of her entry, which is accompanied by an up-close and personal music video. Just look at those eyes and feel the heat!

The song has kept its Caribbean beats and has a glossier finish. The addition of some new sounds — digital and otherwise — help give this lift, particularly in the final “ouch, ouch, ouch” segment. She’s no longer in pain — or at least she’s happy to endure it.

Javián with “No somos héroes”

We crowned him as our favourite in our first review, and it seems that Javián is not in the competition just for the ride — he’s in it to win it! The Operación Triunfo alum released a fun music video for “No somos heroes”. The clip sees Javián performing with his band. It’s interspersed with footage of parents playing with their children — replete with pillow fights, day-to-day frustrations and bath time. Apparently, the song refers to his experiences with his daughter. The 42-year-old tells parents that they are not heroes. But maybe their children are, as the adults can’t live without their children’s love. Awww.

Brequette with “No Enemy”

It might haven’t been her time in 2014 with “Más (Run)”, but Brequette is back — and many fans say she’s better than ever. She won our Eurocasting poll and it’s clear the Eurovision fire burns bright inside her. Ayo, here comes the beast! “No Enemy” is all about bravery and facing our fears without baring our teeth. Channeling Amazonian and tribal rhythms, Brequette brings a contemporary song which is ready to go — and slay!

Rebeca Moss with “Volveré por ti”

She sings that she’s “Back For You” — but honey, you never left! This song could appear on the soundtrack of an early 00s telenovela. Rebeca’s rich voice carries emotion very well. She’s also a very sexy senorita, which will surely help.

Poll: Who should make The Eurocasting Final?

Interestingly, our #Eurocasting30 poll correctly predicted six of the 10 finalists. However, our readers preferred Padre Damian, Carmel, Ivet and Gio to Nito, Pedro Elipe, Rebeca Moss, and Romy Low.

  1. Brequette 14.69% (560 votes)
  2. Nieves Hidalgo 14.69% (560 votes)
  3. Javián 7.95% (303 votes)
  4. Leklein 5.93% (226 votes)
  5. Padre Damián 5.51% (210 votes)
  6. Fruela 5.06% (193 votes)
  7. Nicky Triphook 4.75% (181 votes)
  8. Carmel 3.59% (137 votes)
  9. Ivet Vidal 3.12% (119 votes)
  10. Gio 3.04% (116 votes)
  11. Ektor Pan 2.89% (110 votes)
  12. Javi Soleil 2.6% (99 votes)
  13. Milena 2.39% (91 votes)
  14. Shannel 2.23% (85 votes)
  15. Alicia Nurho Band 2.12% (81 votes)
  16. Iranzo Iranzinix 2.1% (80 votes)
  17. Rebecca Moss 1.94% (74 votes)
  18. Dani J 1.84% (70 votes)
  19. Lem Baquero 1.84% (70 votes)
  20. Romy Low 1.42% (54 votes)
  21. E Twins 1.39% (53 votes)
  22. Nito 1.36% (52 votes)
  23. Pedro Elipe 1.29% (49 votes)
  24. Detergente Liquido 1.08% (41 votes)
  25. Stvkid feat. Silence of the Wolves 1% (38 votes)
  26. Wildback 1% (38 votes)
  27. Inigo 0.97% (37 votes)
  28. Ander & Rossi 0.87% (33 votes)
  29. Jon Josdi 0.79% (30 votes)
  30. Paradise Phantoms 0.55% (22 votes)