Depi Evratesil: Marta and Arcvik advance to the grand final of Armenia’s Eurovision selection

Only four acts survived the first live show of Depi Evratesil. And on Saturday Armenia’s three-month long national selection entered its even tougher semi-final, where four had to be cut down to two. In the end Marta and Arcvik lived to sing another day, sending Egine and Suzanna packing. The final two will compete in next week’s Grand Final on Christmas Eve. And they are competing for a juicy present indeed: the ticket to Eurovision 2017!

In this round, the results were determined by an international jury (including wiwiblogger William, who represented the UK) and a televote, each being apportioned 50% of the total score. The international jury results were revealed by Swedish television’s music maestro Christer Bjorkman, who spent the week in Armenia. The star-studded judging and mentoring panel did not vote — but were on hand to lend support to their acts.

You can watch this week’s episode in full below.

First Performances

Marta, who topped both the jury vote and televote last week, opened the show with a song by famous Armenian composer Komitas. Marta channelled an other-wordly goddess in a cloud of smoke, hitting every note of the mystical ballad. While this might not have been the fierce Marta that slayed “Naughty Girl” last week, she proved her versatility once again.

Suzanna Melkonyan was the second performer, covering “It’s A Man’s World“. Suzanna has sailed under the radar up to this point but tonight she held her own against the favourites. With arguably the most compelling performance of the night, Suzanna proved that she deserves her place in the final four.

The third performer was Arcvik, who has been a big favourite from the start. Covering “Crazy“, Arcvik showed off her powerful vocals as she does every week. She was calm, cool and collected — justifying all the hype that surrounds her.

Saving the best for last, Team Wiwi favourite Egine was out for blood, covering Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love“. While Egine showcased more amazing dance moves, this was her most artistic performance so far. Dark and dangerous, Egine stole our hearts all over again.

Second Performances — Eurovision covers

This week producers treated us to double the fun, with the four contestants singing again. This time they had to cover a Eurovision song of their choice. This was their last chance to impress the jurors and televoters — high stakes, y’all!

Marta covered Loïc Nottet’s “Rhythm Inside“. This was obviously a risky song choice, as Loïc’s artistry is hard to replicate. However, Marta held her own. She put an interesting twist on a Eurovision favourite and she could be 2017’s very own Loïc Nottet. She needs to work on her enunciation, but she had the swagger down. You need to watch this one.

Suzanna Melknoyan chose to cover Alyosha’s “Sweet People“, the Ukrainian entry from 2010. The preview included a clip of Alyosha wishing luck to all of the participants, who were equally excited to see Suzanna perform the song. Without a doubt, this was Suzanna’s best performance of the competition. The pop-rock sound of “Sweet People” matched her vocals perfectly and she delivered a compelling performance. She does pain very well (remember her performance of “Je suis malade” from a few weeks ago?!) and has definitely found her genre. Suzanna, this is how you slay!

Arcvik took on Polina Gagarina’s “A Million Voices“. The Eurovision 2015 runner-up also filmed a message of support for the contestants, wishing Arcvik the best of luck. As usual, Arcvik’s powerful vocals were on display as she slayed another ballad. While Arcvik has rarely ventured out of her comfort zone in this competition, she knows her strengths and plays to them. As with Marta, she’ll need to work on her enunciation (the opening bars of this were a tad off) but that is a small fix. Her voice is just wow!

Egine was the last to perform, with a much anticipated cover of Nina Sublatti’s “Warrior“. The Georgian diva had a message for Egine, saying she was excited to see her performance. Once again, Egine made a song her own, adding infectious drum beats while still conveying the drama of Nina Sublatti’s performance. Egine, you need to travel with a smoke machine at all times because it brings out your beauty and talent and knack for dramaaaaa!

The Results

After the phone lines closed, it was time to reveal the results.

Jury Vote Results:

  1. Arcvik — 35 points
  2. Suzanna Melkonyan —30 points
  3. Egine — 24 points
  4. Marta — 21 points

Televote Results:

  1. Marta — 40 points
  2. Arcvik — 27 points
  3. Suzanna Melkonyan — 24 points
  4. Egine — 19 points

Combined Results:

  1. Arcvik — 62 points
  2. Marta — 61 points
  3. Suzanna Melkonyan — 54 points (Eliminated)
  4. Egine — 43 points (Eliminated)

Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for Egine. She has impressed us week after week and we hope to see her represent Armenia in the near future. Just thinking about her performances makes us move! Suzanna Melkonyan was also eliminated after what may have been her best performance of the competition. The battle is getting tough, y’all!

When it comes to the public, Marta has remained the favourite: She topped the televote in the live shows. Unfortunately her fortunes with the jury totally flipped this week, with her moving from winner to last place. But next week is a new week — and it’s the week that counts the most.

What do you think of this week’s results? Who should win Depi Evratesil? Let us know in the comments below.

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