Georgia: GPB confirms 25 song national final for January 20

Get ready for a marathon. Georgia have confirmed they will be hosting a 25 song national final on January 20, at the Tbilisi Concert Hall. Georgian broadcaster GPB are really pulling out all the stops, y’all!

This means that all 25 songs that were competing in our last update will indeed be in the final. Voting will be held on the night of the show, with a 50/50 split in place. Both the audience at home and an international jury will be having their say to help Georgia find their Eurovision entry for Kyiv!

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This mega final is a far cry from past selection shows. In 2016, Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz’s “Midnight Gold” was selected from five songs, broadcast on the GPB show “Communication”. The same show hosted the 2015 selection, where Nina Sublatti was victorious. Again, that was only from a pool of five artists.

The huge increase in numbers just goes to show how far GPB are stepping up production this year. With its own dedicated show and by hiring out the Concert Hall, it’s clear that they’re taking this very seriously.

Of course, there could be a very good reason why they’re doing this. GPB could be aiming to show the EBU that they can handle a larger scale production. If they can, then it helps their case to host Junior Eurovision 2017. Mariam Mamadashvili’s win in Valletta puts Georgia in prime position to host โ€” but they’ve failed to do so having won previously. Lizi Pop made a point of that when she spoke to us following Mariam’s win:

If GPB can indeed pull off the show without a hitch, it will be a great sign to the EBU. For their sake (and Lizi’s) we hope they do! We’ll keep you informed with more details on the national final as and when we get them. Make sure to keep checking our Eurovision 2017 calendar as well!

So, are you excited at by the big plans for the Georgia national final? Who do you want to win the selection? Let us know in the comments section below!

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