The search for a new Golden Boy who is Made of Stars kicks off in just two weeks. Yes, The Next Star for Eurovision 2017 will launch its new season on January 2. The upcoming season will feature some new judges and plenty of familiar contestants who you’ll recognise from both Eurovision and Israel’s national selections.

We have already published some of the familiar faces who want to sing at Eurovision — including Meital De Razon and Lihi Griner. But in recent weeks even more news and gossip has flowed from the recently filmed auditions. Apart from the final the show is being pre-recorded, so the flow of juice and info is likely to continue. As for now, we know the following.

The contestants

In 2015 and 2016 Imri Ziv took to the Eurovision stage as a backing singer and he really wants to go again in 2017 — and stand on his own two feet as the star. Who can blame him? The aspiring solo artist previously took part in the Israeli version of The Voice and has been singing in a special group called “Caliente”, who perform at private events. This much we know is true: He’s got the look for Eurovision.

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Another known figure is Meital De Razon, who took part in the national final Kdam Eurovision 2013 with the song “Toda La Noche” (with Asi Tal). She finished third. However, Walla, one of the most popular Internet portals in Israel, recently reported that she didn’t pass her audition.

But she’s a smart woman. Apparently she also signed a special contract with the production company behind the show, forbidding them from broadcasting her audition if she didn’t advance. That certainly seems like a good move now!

On Kdam 2013 we also met Lihi Griner, who has reportedly been getting in shape for the show with a special diet and some extra vocal lessons. But unfortunately she didn’t manage to convince the judges either and won’t be competing in the televised competition. Maybe next year?

Another comeback we’ll see this year comes from Julieta. She also took part in Kdam Eurovision 2013 while failing to reach the final with the song “Fantasia”, which was written by none other than Israeli hit-maker Doron Medalie. Will her fantasy finally come true in 2017?

The judging panel

It’s bye-bye to Mooki and Assaf Atedgi — those judges decided to bounce from the programme. So who will join Harel Skaat and Keren Peles on the judging panel?

The first new judges are the pop duo Static & Ben El Tavori, newcomers who have taken Israel by storm this year. Their chart success has seen them named breakthrough of the year. They also have the record for the most-viewed YouTube video in Israel.

The second new judge is Assaf Amdursky, a famous singer, songwriter and producer who has been on the music scene since the 90s. He has released many albums and worked with many Israeli artists such as Ivri Lider and Arik Sinai.

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Are you excited for The Next Star for Eurovision 2017? Let us know in the comments box!


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There are loads of already-established Israeli artists they can get to do Eurovision instead! I don’t think this Next Star formula will continue their qualification to the final for much longer. If Hovi hadn’t qualified it wouldn’t have had anybody surprised


They need Moran Mazor back instead 😀


It can’t get possibly any worse than 2016…both song and (even more) singer / performer wise 🙂

I am so bored with OTT ballads sung by men with effimnate voices for Israel! I woud like something a bit more daring. Like when they sent Izabo. Their indie/rock song was brilliant Right up my streeet. Something more fresh and rocky would be great. or even just a great ethno rnb song like “Golden Boy”

Krzysztof Poland

Israel doesn’t need any stars, even Hovi Star, they need Nadav Guedjs.


I’m really hoping for the following to complete.

* Adi Mesilati
* Bar Zemach
* Daniel Pruzansky
* Libi Panker

Purple Mask

Israel doesn’t need another new star. It has HOVI STAR!! 🙂
I wish everyone the best of luck, but I’ll really miss last year’s singer to be honest.