Georgia’s Nutsa Buzaladze: When the songwriters sent me “White Horses Run” I was amazed

She’s the Georgian artist famous for winning New Wave, competing on The Voice of Turkey (O Ses Türkiye) and dazzling on Georgia’s Got Talent, Your Face Sounds Familiar and Dancing with the Stars.

And now singer Nutsa Buzaladze has emerged as a huge favourite to win the Georgia’s national selection for Eurovision 2017 with her song “White Horses Run“.

Bubbly, beautiful and full of attitude, the rising star recently sat down with wiwiblogger Rezo Mamsikashvili in Tbilisi at Cafe Lounge Claude Monet, where they shared coffee, laughs and a whole lot of love.

Nutsa, one of the most fearless and confident women we’ve ever met, doesn’t mind cold weather. And prior to our interview she belted out her song to the folks on the street, who no doubt thought they were receiving an early Christmas present.

After completing her studies in Georgia, she took the decision to return to Turkey, where she spent most of her childhood. “When I finished school I wanted to continue my studies and career in Turkey,” she says. “That’s why I decided to go on The Voice of Turkey. I didn’t tell any of my family members. They were in shock.”

Her success on the show — and her partnership with mentor and Eurovision 2009 singer Hadise — made her a recognisable figure on the streets of Turkey. “When I was walking down the street after that contest they were like, ‘Oh this is Nutsa!'”

“Now [Hadise and I] have a friendship. She is such an amazing person. I’m really happy that I know her, because she’s such a star.” And Hadise’s fans have become Nutsa’s fans, posting all about her Eurovision 2017 bid on their social media accounts.

The song “White Horses Run” was written by British songwriters Andy Vitolo and John King, who reached out to Nutsa via e-mail.

“They sent me this,” she says of the chance encounter online. “In the summer I wasn’t thinking about Eurovision at all because I knew that for Eurovision you need a song that is going to be very different from any song that is written for Georgia. It has to have a chorus, a simple melody that touches [people] easily. For that I wasn’t thinking about Eurovision. I knew I needed a song that would be very powerful. When they sent me this song I was amazed, really. That’s why I decided to participate in this contest, because I love this song. If the song wasn’t powerful and strong, I wouldn’t participate.”

Nutsa knows a thing or two about Eurovision as well, naming Sopho Khalvashi’s ”Visionary Dream”, Jamala’s “1944”, Loreen’s “Euphoria” and Alexander Rybak’s “Fairytale” as her favourite entries ever.

”If Georgia choose me to represent my country, I will do everything, because I’m planning next year to go for studying in Los Angeles.”

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