Lindita Halimi will sing “Botë” in English at Eurovision to “make the message universal”

She became a fan favourite at Albania’s FiK53 and last week she fulfilled her destiny to sing at Eurovision by winning FiK55.

But for Kosovar superstar Lindita Halimi there is no time to rest, and she’s already thinking about potential tweaks and changes to her song “Botë”.

In the aftermath of her victory fans have speculated about whether she’ll revamp the song — or potentially even replace it as Elhaida Dani did in 2015. But this much is certain: She wants to sing “Botë” (World) at least partially in English.

Lindita, who currently lives in Hotlanta, Georgia, revealed her intentions in a Facebook comment posted on Christmas Day.

“The song’s language will change to make the message universal,” she wrote, adding that she’s already working on the text.

The post follows her on-stage interview with Eurovision Albania, during which she said that she had been considering English lyrics for a while.

When asked about singing in Albanian or English, she said:

“I don’t know — that depends on the arrangement, but I should say that I’ve written the lyrics in English, while having the dream that maybe — just maybe — I might win.”

Linidita famously made the Top 51 of American Idol earlier this year, earning high praise from judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Henry Connick, Jr.

She returned to FiK last week with even greater confidence, showing off her stunning figure and nailing every single one of her notes.

“It means the world to me, and I truly appreciate all the wiwibloggs fans for supporting me, and for always writing to me and always letting me know how much they love Botë,” she told our colleagues from Eurovision Kosovo moments after her win.

“I truly love that song and I’m so glad they felt the same emotions that I did.”

And what about singing for Albania at Eurovision 2017?

“It’s a big honour, just the fact that we get to be in an audience such as Eurovision, that’s so big, and the fans are amazing — they’re on fire all the time. And I feel like Albania’s always brought it…I will have to try to keep the same high standards that we always had.”

Those concerned about her ability to sing in English should cool it. Lindita speaks perfect English, is married to an American, lives in the United States and wrote the English lyrics to Elhaida Dani’s “I’m Alive”. If anyone can handle a language revamp, it’s Lindita! Whether the song will retain its soul is, of course, another matter.

Do you think she should include English lyrics or even sing entirely in English? What about a hybrid in both tongues? Let us know in the comments box below.

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