Albania’s Lindita Halimi shares studio version of Eurovision 2017 song Botë

A three-part national selection, a spat between last year’s winner and this year’s queen, and talk of an English-language revamp. Yes, things have been moving fast in Albania following Festivali i Këngës.

And things aren’t slowing down, as Eurovision 2017 act Lindita Halimi released the studio version of her winning song “Botë” on December 27.

Listening to the studio version shows us just how well Lindita sang at the Festival, as the differences between the live version and studio version are minimal. That is how a winner sings!

In fact, Lindita seems more powerful in the live version, as the real performance captures the texture of her voice and the charisma she exudes even better than a digitally remastered track.

While everyone agrees that Lindita has a killer voice, people are divided about how she should proceed with the song — and whether she should keep it at all. Just scroll through the YouTube comments on the above video to see what we mean.

“Sounds amazing,” Milino writes. “I hope they don’t revamp the hell out of it. It sounds great the way it is.”

Edd disagrees: “Classic Festivali i Këngës crap – Lindita PLEASE call up a contemporary songwriter in Albania, because you have so much potential that is wasted on this dated, un-catchy, dull flop…”

At the end of the day, Lindita is steering this train and she’ll decide what and how and when to make any tweaks. As for now we’ll have to trust that this Kosovar beauty will do what’s best for her — and for Albania at Eurovision.

What do YOU think? Are you loving the studio version of the song? To what extent should Lindita adjust or revamp her number? Let us know in the comments box below.

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