Tony Maiello: “I was asked to represent San Marino at Eurovision, all I need is €500,000”

In a period full of announcements, San Marino is still working in silence to organise its eighth attempt at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Will Serhat fly to Kiev in May? In October we didn’t know and nothing has changed since the last news about the little republic nestled in the heart of Italy. But recently something worthy of attention appeared on Facebook, coming from the Italian singer Tony Maiello.

The 27-year-old guy, with eyes blue and deep like the ocean, came fourth in the first series of the Italian X Factor and in 2010 won the Newcomers’ category of Sanremo Music Festival with the song “Il linguaggio della resa”.

After years spent in the underground of the Italian pop, desperately trying to hit the charts, he won the favour of the experts, becoming one of the most promising Italian songwriters from the new generation. In fact he penned several song for successful artists like Laura Pausini, Francesco Renga and Giorgia.

On December 29, Tony shared through his Facebook page one of those juicy secrets that should remain behind the scenes… but the guy loves to talk and we are happy he is so outgoing!

“I was asked to represent the Republic of San Marino at the Eurovision” – he wrote – “all I need is €500,000 just for the promotion”. He also added – sarcastically: “I asked them if they want it in banknotes or coins”. Money makes the world go round! 

The reaction of his fans in the comments is HILAR. Michael wrote: “OMG, how disgusting!” followed by Sara who asks herself and Tony: “Is it a joke?” Someone got a little rough, recommending Tony to tell ’em to “f**k off”. And there is also Alessandro who proclaims: “It’s a hoax”.

But Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano doesn’t think it’s a hoax at all. In fact, they claim to have obtained the actual Facebook conversation, which you can see right here.

Maiello’s shout-out suggests that San Marino may still be up in the air with preparations for 2017. Could they find someone with a huge wallet in time for May?