Eurovision 2017 stage designer Florian Wieder teases “unique and divergent” plans for Kyiv

How’s this for a post-Christmas treat? Ukraine’s NTU has revealed that international set designer Florian Wieder will oversee the stage design for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv! This will be his fourth Eurovision stage, so artists and producers are in very trusted hands.

“I love the idea behind Eurovision Song Contest,” Wieder said in a statement. “So many different countries and cultures come together in peace to celebrate this event — that’s what truly excites me. The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most exciting projects of my career. There are only a few like this in the world, so it is a huge honor for me to be the designer for this year’s show in Kyiv.”

“My goal is to bring happiness and excitement for everyone involved. I’ve planned to incorporate some entirely new features which will be kept as a surprise until the show. The design for 2017 will be unique and divergent to the previous shows. ESC is not only a passion project for me, but also a creative challenge, one that is immensely inspiring for me as a designer.”

His name may sound familiar to some of you die-hard fans – and if not, cast your minds back to 2010. It was on his stage that Lena won “Unser Star fur Oslo“, sending Germany on the path to hosting in Düsseldorf in 2011. And who designed that Eurovision stage, with its mammoth video wall? Florian Wieder!

Wieder worked his magic again a year later, creating the set inside the Crystal Hall for Baku 2012, and followed that up with the Eurovision 2015 stage in Vienna, which you can see at the top of this post. He’s also worked on X Factor in both the United States and United Kingdom, the MTV Video Music Awards, and numerous Germany shows including “Schlag den Raab” and “Wetten, dass”.

Eurovision 2017 Executive Producer Victoria Romanova oversaw the committee that chose Wieder’s bid over three others — two from companies within Ukraine, and another from a foreign firm. “The stage is one of the most important elements of the show,” she says. “Viewers’ impressions about the contest depend on its look and functionality. Therefore, we have engaged the world’s best experts to develop the stage design.”

Wieder, whose designs won’t be revealed to the public until February, will transform the somewhat uninspiring International Exhibition Centre into stage worthy of international attention. The IEC is the largest expo building in Ukraine and is comprised of three pavilions with a total area of 58,000 square meters.

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