Lithuania: Song titles and show line-ups revealed for Eurovizijos atranka

While most of us are still getting over our New Year’s Eve celebrations, in Lithuania plans are well underway for the first show of the marathon national selection series Eurovizijos dainu konkurso nacionaline atranka. Broadcaster LRT has today released the names of the acts competing in each of the four heats, including their song titles.

In the first four episodes of Eurovizijos atranka, the 51 competing acts will perform in shows of 12 or 13. Eliminations will be swift — from each heat, about half the acts will be eliminated.

The remaining acts will progress to further elimination shows, culminating in the grand final on 11 March. Yes, it will be long, but the show producer is promising a more streamlined and less repetitive series than last year’s series.

As with previous years, the shows will be filmed in advance, on Thursdays, and broadcast the following Saturday.

The first heat kicks off this coming Saturday. It will feature Sasha Song (né Sasha Son) who previously represented Lithuania at Eurovision 2009, and Lithuanian X Factor finalist Andrius Petrauskas whose song has been co-written by former UK Fame Academy winner David Sneddon.

Lithuania’s Eurovizijos atranka – show line-ups

Some artists have already released their competing songs. Where applicable, we have linked to the song’s video.

Heat 1 – 7 January

Heat 2 – 14 January

  • Valdas Lacko – “It’s so unfair”
  • Monika Meciute –  “Runnin”
  • Rugile Daujotaite – “Perkune ugniaveidi”
  • Kotryna Juodzeviciute “Love Shadow”
  • Deividas Zygas – “Only You”
  • Mia – “Sacrifice”
  • Rasa Kausiute – “Fly”
  • Lawreigna – “Freedom”
  • Varjete – “My story”
  • EGO –  “My story”
  • Gabrielius Vagelis – “Feel Free”
  • Ieva Zasimauskaite – “You saved me”
  • Gabriele Vilkickyte – “Jura”

Heat 3 – 21 January

  • Vidas Bareikis –  “I love my phone”
  • Marius Petrauskas – “She’s my universe”
  • Milda Martinkenaite & Saulene Chlevickaite – “Paperheart”
  • Lolita – “Get Frighten”
  • Fusedmarc – “Rain of Revolution”
  • Erika Astrauskaite – “No More”
  • HIT – “I wanna love you tonight”
  • Virgis Valuntonis  – “Victorious”
  • Grazvydas – “Paint the sky blue”
  • Greta Zazza – “Like I love you”
  • Vilija Mataciunaite – “I see the Lights”
  • Dovydas Petrosius – “Love is free”
  • Streles – “Bastard”

Heat 4 – 28 January

  • Alanas Chosnau – “7 Days”
  • Valerija Iljinaite  – “You made me glow”
  • Ruslanas Kirilkinas – “When the night falls in”
  • Vlad Max – “I’ll Never Let You Down”
  • Queens of Roses – “Fisherman”
  • Evaldas Vaikasas – “Fire kisses”
  • Elvina Milkauskaite – “Try”
  • Aiste Pilvelyte – “I’m like woolf”
  • Julija Jegorova – “Higher”
  • Audrius Janonis – “Run”
  • Soliaris – “Undefeatable”
  • Shiny Raia – “All you”
  • Neringa Siaudikyte – “Running out of time”