By December 17 six countries had revealed their Eurovision 2017 contestants: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Macedonia and The Netherlands. And while all of them led Eurofans to pause and watch a few videos on YouTube, who made the blood pump the hardest?

We wanted to find out so asked our readers to let us know which Eurovision 2017 act they were most excited about so far. After counting 2,565 votes we can now reveal that O’G3NE — that’s the sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelley — have won the day with 32% of all votes.

The trio, who competed at Junior Eurovision in 2007, have demonstrated their ambition and confidence in recent days.

Speaking to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf on Christmas day, Lisa made it clear they are going to the Ukraine with the hope of winning.

“Of course we’re going for the win!” Lisa said. “How cool would it be to finally get the party to the Netherlands? We’re going for it.”

The O in their name stands for their mother’s blood group, while G3NE represents the genes that bind the the three sisters.

Most recently the girls appeared on The Best Singers of The Netherlands. In the first episode they sang their own version of Emeli Sandé’s ‘Clown’. It immediately went to number one on the iTunes charts. You can buy it here.

AVROTROS have not revealed when the group’s song will be released, but we know the girls are not worried about delivering something big or staying true to themselves.

Eurovision 2017: Favourite acts (Chosen by December 16)

1. The Netherlands — O’G3NE 31.89% (818 votes)
2. Azerbaijan — DiHaj 20.16% (517 votes)
3. Belgium — Blanche 14.31% (367 votes)
4. Ireland — Brendan Murray 14.04% (360 votes)
5. Cyprus — HOVIG 11.58% (297 votes)
6. Macedonia — Jana Burceska 8.02% (206 votes)

Total Votes: 2,565

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an esc fan

They will look good anyway, on the big stage. It is too soon now to tell about staging. They are lucky that they are beautiful thanks to GENES, and they know it.


@an esc fan
I don’t mean ‘cool’ as in ‘cold’ and ‘distant’, but their image is a bit of a shambles. They do have the ability to create magic when they sing, but stylewise there’s a lot to be improved. Like the picture above, just horrible, and that’s from the official AVROTROS press kit.

an esc fan

@ dutchie
”Cool” is not a thing that brings televotes, people will think they are arrogant, O’G3NE must remain natural, likeable, otherwise they will fail like other girl bands.


I have no interest in O’G3NE

O’G3NE are very promising and show a lot of talent and confidence. And with the perfect song they could possibly win Hovig is good. He can sing but he’s in my opinion very mediocre. I dont see him winning but he could very well get to the final Dihaj is also promising. She has a great voice and a unique style. She will definently get to the final because its Azerbaijan but I dont know if she’ll win Brendan is unique. Its hard to tell with him. Even though Im Irish myself, I know hes not gonna win and I… Read more »

@purple mask
Well, Little Mix have a cool image and cool songs, basically everything that O’G3NE doesn’t have, but O’G3NE are vocally superior to just about every girl band out there.

(J)ESC Fanatic

Of course.

Purple Mask

Now just imagine if the UK were to send Little Mix…

an esc fan

Og3ne have perfect voices, perfect chemistry and I hope they will make their country win.
Some say that girl groups are not doing well in ESC and I understand why : because girls are trying too hard to be very posh and elegant on stage and that sends diva vibes, one can just imagine that once they are backstage they start to argue with each other.
Maybe it will be harder for them to create the staging (please no fur or leather), than for anybody else, but I repeat, I wish they win.


Polegend: DiHaj will represent Azerbaijan, so it is the whole band, not only one singer. Interesting is, that it is the first band from Azerbaijan on Eurovision. They sent male, female, duos, but never any band.


I think it’s still the best among the particpants confirmed now.


Worst singers either montenegro or Macedonia

Polegend Godgarina

I’m confused about one thing. Azerbaijan’s broadcaster did announce Diana Hajiyeva as their performer, yet some Eurovision news sites report DiHaj which is a group composed by Diana and two friends she often collaborates with, and not her stage name as many believe (at least, according to the DiHaj Facebook page). So, what is the truth?

Roelof Meesters

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro and The Netherlands are so far the countries with the most exciting singers. As a Dutch I am very happy for them to win this poll, but it doesn’t really say/predict something.