Ireland: Will Johnny Logan write Brendan Murray’s Eurovision 2017 song?

Last month Irish broadcaster RTE revealed that Louis Walsh had handpicked former Hometown member Brendan Murray to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2017.

Artist with mega potential? Check! Now Louis is on the hunt for a song and has said publicly that two-time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan may be just the man to write it.

Logan won the contest as singer in 1980 with “What’s Another Year” and in 1987 with “Hold Me Now” — a song he wrote himself. In 1992 he penned Linda Martin’s winning number “Why Me”.

Walsh, who previously managed both Johnny and Linda, told the Irish Mail on Sunday:

“I would love if Johnny Logan writes a song for us, that would be great. He knows the formula and what works – there’s nobody out there better than him who knows how to win. If he doesn’t, I will get one from England from a great songwriter. I’m confident about that.”

The last Eurovision song Johnny wrote was Airforce’s “How Does It Feel”, which placed second in the Dutch national selection in 2005.

Louis’ comments are surprising given that he previously said he did not want the song to be written by a veteran or internationally. On December 16, during the artist reveal on The Late Late Show, he said:

“We are looking for songs. I am asking Irish songwriters to write a hit song, so we can win Eurovision. Or at least to take part in it. At least, qualify. The talent is here, the writers are here. We just need to get the right singer and the right song and go back to basics. We have amazing young writers here, there are so many people on YouTube.”

Walsh also commented about RTÉ’s failure to qualify over the last few years:

“RTE needs us to qualify this year because they have sent the wrong people in the past. You have to send a great song and a great singer. Every other country in Europe sends their best singer and their best artist and takes it seriously. There’s a global audience now and you can’t get away with sending a half-arsed entry. Jedward came eighth and if they can do it, anyone can.”

Do you think the Irish Eurovision 2017 entry should be written by Johnny Logan? Let us know in the comments below!

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