Kalomira says Eurovision 2017 “isn’t in the cards” — and gets behind Demy’s bid

She’s the American-born beauty who gave Greece one of its best-ever Eurovision finishes, coming third in 2008 with her hip-shaking number “My Secret Combination”.

Now, amid ongoing speculation that she’s in the race for Eurovision 2017, Kalomira has revealed via the wiwibloggs Instagram account that a Eurovision run “isn’t in the cards” this year.

Responding to our post that suggested she might be recording a song for Kyiv, the 31-year-old wrote: “Thanks guys! Love uuuu!! I appreciate the sweet remarks! I don’t think it’s in the cards for me this year! I think Demy would be amazing!”

Kalomira, who has been in Greece recording a new single, is incredibly busy. At the moment she’s balancing her responsibilities as a mother-of-three with her many public commitments. In recent months she’s hosted the popular show “Rising Star”, proving she’s as telegenic and camera-aware as ever.

In her Instagram comment to wiwibloggs, the always-ebullient singer threw her weight behind Demy (real name Dimitra Papadea), who has been very vocal about her intentions to find a song and put her name in the hat for Eurovision.

Last week Demy gave a telling interview on the Greek talk show Ola, saying that she really wants to do Eurovision. She’s not beating around the bush either. As she said: “We’re in talks, we’re looking for a song. We don’t know what the process will be yet, but I want to do Eurovision after I finish my other projects.”

At the same time, legendary Eurovision songwriter Dimitris Kontopoulos, who was rumoured to be cooperating with Demy for Eurovision earlier this year, posted a photo saying he’s been in the studio recording new music. He tagged Eurovision and Fokas Evangelinos.

Dimitris has written many Eurovision hits including Russia’s “You Are The Only One” and Azerbaijan’s “Hold Me”, and Fokas has overseen stage direction for plenty of Eurovision entries including “You Are The Only One” and “My Number One”. Could they be preparing a song and show for Demy?

In any event, are you sad that Kalomira has ruled herself out? Are you still bobbing to her 2008 tune? And is Demy right for ESC? Let us know in the comments box below.

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