Azerbaijan: DiHaj releases new single “Esqini Asagi Sal”

At the beginning of the December Azerbaijan’s Ictimai TV announced that she’d sing at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv.

And last week Diana Hajiyeva — the front-woman of the experimental pop group DiHaj — gave us a hint of what she and her band might deliver with the release of their latest single “Esqini Asagi Sal”.

Literally translating as “Lower Your Love” in English, the avant-garde track comes with an edgy music video that highlights, and at times spears, the many ways people demonstrate their love for one another — from washing a man’s feet to throwing money at a woman to inking the name of one’s beloved on various body parts.

It’s playful and cheeky just a tad rebellious. Very DiHaj!

“Esqini Asagi Sal” — DIHAJ

As all you super sleuths will have noticed, it’s not Diana acting in the video, but instead the Copenhagen-based Azeri actress Nigar Samadzade.

Instead, she and her band act as musical narrators, empowering all people to put their own swerve on matters from love to independence.

“The thing that opens the boy’s wings is his stubbornness,” she sings. “Don’t pluck your eyebrows, kith and kind are looking at you.”

Describing her latest track, Diana said:

This song is about love. We all do love in many ways and most of the times perceive constant things completely differently. The main task is to stay true to yourself and expel judgement.

Uran, one of the most popular rappers in Azerbaijan, wrote the lyrics to the song. That’s helped drive interest in the tune on social media, and led to a wide range of comments on YouTube from “This is psycho!” to “I’m falling about laughing!” to “Finally, something new!”

What is the track making YOU say? Do you want DiHaj to rock up to Eurovision with a song like this? Let us know in the comments box below.