The Netherlands’ O’G3NE: ‘We have narrowed the songs down to a top three’

They’re the sisterly trio who will be representing their country in Kyiv. It was a long road for O’G3NE to be chosen as the Netherlands’ act for Eurovision 2017, but now they are close to selecting their song. 

O’G3NE member Shelley Vol spoke to NPO Radio 2 earlier this week and revealed that there are only three entries left in the selection process:

“It’s going well. We had a writers camp some weeks ago and we got a lot of nice songs from there. We have currently narrowed down to a top three. They are three totally different songs, so the question is more, what do we want? What message do we want to bring? I think people shouldn’t be surprised about the choice. We will stay close to ourselves. We want to clearly show off our polyphonic sound.”

Shelley also spoke about the songwriters of the considered entries. These include Gordon Groothedde, Han Kooreneef, their dad Rick Vol and others. Groothedde has produced several hit songs, including six top hits, while Kooreneef has written music for several past Eurovision participants such as Edsilia Rombley, Ruth Jacott and Roberto Bellarossa. O’G3NE’s dad previously wrote their The Voice-winning single “Magic”.

O’G3NE were positive about their received entries:

“There was choice enough. We can’t say: “Oh, we hoped for better songs,” because I think we have heard all sorts of songs now. So, we were very blessed with that.” 

With their song choice likely to be revealed in March, we will definitely have something to look forward to the coming months.

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