Page Blanche: The Eurovision artist formerly known as Ellie Delvaux reveals motivations behind name change

On The Voice Belgique she impressed with her unusual voice — so much so that Wallonian broadcaster RTBF selected her as its Eurovision 2017 singer.

And now, in a wide-ranging interview with Walloon web site Moustique, Blanche — real name Ellie Delvaux — is sharing a bit more of herself and her upcoming participation. Let there be light, y’all!

In the months leading up to April, she wowed the Belgian audience and Cats on Trees — her coaches on The Voice — with her performances on the fifth season of the series. Soft spoken Ellie became known for her emotional and fragile voice, but also for serving international star-power pop diva realness with her takes on songs from Beyoncé and Adele.

Afterwards Ellie — who left the show just two weeks before the final — decided to recast herself with the more memorable stage name Blanche.

Speaking to Moustique, Blanche made it clear her name has nothing to do with the beloved Golden Girls character, who was known for her promiscuity despite her advancing years.

As it turns out, Blanche is actually one of her real names!

“I really like my first name. But there already are a lot of famous singers out there called Ellie. So I decided to choose a more uncommon name for my work as a singer. Blanche is my third name. My career is about to start now, so page blanche (blank page) describes that very well.”

But that’s not all. Ellie doesn’t exactly sound French — think Ellie Goudling or Ellie Kemper, for instance — but Blanche does.

“Although I mainly sing in English, I still wanted to keep something typically French, ’cause I love this language and it’s just beautiful.”

Does that mean we’ll hear an English song from Belgium again?

You can interpret that as you will and speculate for days as to whether her French name fills her French quota and will free her to sing in English again. But what we do know is that composer Pierre Dumoulin contacted Blanche directly after The Voice and together they worked on new songs without considering any of them for Eurovision. After sending a proposal to RTBF, the entire selection committee chose her and her song unanimously.

She may have seemed somewhat reserved on The Voice, but she’s most definitely exuberant about the coming months. “I’m only seeing positive points and this adventure is a unique and enriching experience which I’m looking forward to.”

And guess who’s helping to boost her self-confidence? It’s our 2015 breakout star Loic Nottet, who recently topped the wiwibloggs Top Tracks of 2016 list.

“His presentation was technically and artistically impressive,” she says. “It was a big success and it shows that Eurovision is really something positive.” We love that she’s already feeling the Eurovision spirit!

For now you’ll have to wait to hear Ellie, errr Blanche’s, Eurovision 2017 song. But you can enjoy her stunning covers on her YouTube channel.

Do you think her entry will be similar to the songs she has already performed? Should she sing in English, French or a fictitious language à la Belgium 2003? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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