Portugal: Festival da Canção 2017 composer Nuno Feist chose his singer in October

In 1995 musical producer and composer Nuno Feist made his debut in Portugal’s national selection for Eurovision as a singer. Since then he’s entered Festival da Canção as a composer eight times and is now ready for another shot at the trophy. Make no mistake: He is stronger than ever.

We recently spoke to the enthusiastic and relaxed composer. While he cannot yet publicly reveal the deepest, darkest secrets about his song and act for this year’s contest, he was able to give us insight into the process by which he chose his act and, more generally, his Eurovision dreams.

“I’ve been working on this project since October, when I got the call from RTP,” he says. “I had time to think and re-think the song, make mistakes and get back up again. It’s an intense project. I’m excited about the final product.”

To call him a diehard fan is an understatement.

“My love for Festival da Canção and Eurovision is so big. When I faced the joy of creating this song — with Nuno Marques da Silva — I wanted to do it with Eurovision in mind, because at the end of the day we all want a song to make an impression in Europe. I really care about this contest and I want to make a difference.”

Of course the secret everyone wants to know is the name of the singers behind every single entry at this year’s Festival da Canção.  The press conference is set for later in January, but Nuno has already teased his choice.

“I made my choice very early in the process. We contacted said artist and it’s all set. There were no other names on the table. We’re both excited for this adventure.”

Are you excited to know which singer will give his or her voice to Nuno Feist’s song? Who would you like to see on Festival da Canção stage? Let us know below!