Eurocasting final: LeKlein leads our poll one week before Spain’s wildcard showdown

Spain’s Eurovision 2017 selection has been roaring for weeks, with the Eurocasting 30 becoming the Eurocasting 10 becoming the Eurocasting 3.

Since the December 20 announcement that LeKlein, Javián and Fruela had made the wildcard final, we’ve been running a poll to determine your favourite to win and compete in Objetivo Eurovision — Spain’s national final for Eurovision 2017.

As of January 5 at 13:00 GMT, our readers have cast a total of 1,539 votes. At the moment LeKlein — that’s Vanesa to friends and family — holds a narrow lead over mature rocker Javián.

LeKlein has racked up 662 votes — or around 43% of all those cast — with her contemporary number “Ouch!” Many of our readers are going wild over her androgynous look, raspy vocals and the fire in her eyes.

Writing in the comments section of our original post, CandyCam said: “Guys… kill me if I’m wrong but the attitude and live performance of LeKlein are lethal (check her live performances in Ibiza) and Ouch!! sung by her is meaningful and real.”

And while she has lots of fans, there are some naysayers throwing shade in our comments section, particularly when it comes to building the song around an unattractive phrase denoting pain.

Gav says: “LEKLEIN WITH ‘OUCH’ – just makes me laugh, it’s kind of bad and funny in a not-meant-to-be-funny way…. OUCH OUCH OoooooooUCH.”

Eye-liner wearing heartthrob Javián remains a close second with his song “No somos héroes”. He currently trails LeKlein by just 55 votes, making this an incredibly close race to the top.

Fruela finds himself in a distant third with just 270 votes — or 18% of all those cast.

Eurocasting poll: Results (As of January 5 at 13:00 GMT)

1. LeKlein with “Ouch!” 43.01% (662 votes)

2. Javián with “No somos héroes” 39.44% (607 votes)

3. Fruela with “Live it up” 17.54% (270 votes)

Total Votes: 1,539

That’s the way the wind blows at the moment. What do you think will actually happen in the Eurocasting final? Is this a too-close-to-call race between LeKlein and Javiàn? Could Fruela surprise and slay the favourites now that he has added Spanish to his song? Let us know in the comments box below.

And don’t forget: You can still vote in our poll.

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