The Hungry Hearts: Guess their new Eurovision cover and win t-shirts and signed CDs

Christmas may be over, but Santa is still hanging around and getting his groove on with Norwegian performance group The Hungry Hearts. And now he’s ready to give their well-behaved and super creative fans a few signed goodies. This is how you sleigh!

The Hungry Hearts are among the biggest break-out stars of the 2016 national final season, owing to their charisma and unique point of view — and, of course, their arty pop song “Laika”, which uses the story of the Soviet space dog as a metaphor for our own struggles with loss and longing. More recently, the group released their new single “Sugar Mommy”, which uses disco beats to address the issue of public funding for the arts.

As the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 draws closer, The Hungry Hearts are preparing to release a cover of a legendary Eurovision winning song. And those of you who can correctly guess it stand a chance of winning customised “My Life Is Madness” t-shirts and a signed CD from the girls.


All you need to do is listen to the snippet above. Then comment on this post, or on our Instagram account. All of those who answer correctly will be entered into a draw to win the prizes.

We’ll announce the winner on January 12 — the day the ladies release their cover!

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