Germany: Five finalists revealed for Unser Song 2017

They’re the country that is hoping their revamped national final will keep them far away from last place at Eurovision. Now Germany has revealed the five young singers vying to represent their country in Kyiv this May. The five will compete in the national final Unser Song 2017 on 9 February.

Unser Song 2017 has a focus on matching up-and-coming young German singers with top quality songs. Public applications took place earlier this year, with almost 2500 young singers applying online or in person at the audition sessions in Hamburg and Cologne.

This was whittled down to the top 33, who auditioned again for the selection panel. From their, five singers were selected to progress to the grand final in February. The lucky five are:

Axel Feige

Born in Hamburg, Axel got his start playing the bassoon in school. As a teen, he formed a prog rock band, before moving onto blues and alternative rock. He currently plays with the bands Absolem Max and Diazpora.

Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu Kürbiß from Freilassing was a contestant on the ill-fated first and only German series of the Rising Star talent show in 2014. She has a popular YouTube channel where she uploads weekly covers of popular songs.

Helene Nissen

Helene comes from the village of Hollingstedt and has been making music since she was 12 years old. She is particularly fond of country music legend Johnny Cash, and sometimes sings with her younger brother Kjell.


Also known as Isabella Lueen, Levina was born in Bonn and is a classically trained singer. She has studied in both Germany and in London. She previously performed with her band Miss Terry Blue, and launched her solo career in 2015. Levina divides her time between Berlin and London.


Otherwise known as Wilhelm Richter, Sadi was born in Dortmund. The 19-year-old currently studies composition at Folkwang University of Fine Arts in Essen. His bio notes he has a four-octave range and is known for his YouTube covers.

At the final

The five will be matched with songs written especially for Eurovision by successful German and international producers. They’ll perform these songs at the grand final on 9 February where the winner will be determined by 100% public televote.

The final will feature an expert panel of  Lena, Tim Bendzko and Florian Silbereisen. To help viewers make a decision, the panel will give feedback on the performances.

International viewers will also be able to influence the vote. Fans outside of Germany will be able to vote for their favourite performances via the Eurovisions app. The results of the poll won’t count towards the final result, but they will be revealed on the show. The poll will give German televoters an idea of which acts might appeal most to the broader Eurovision audience.

What do think of these five? Who has the best chance of giving Germany a good result at Eurovision? Share your thoughts below!