Is Romania’s Ovi returning to Eurovision in 2017…as a composer for Spain?

He played with fire in 2010 and made us believe in miracles in 2014. Now, Ovidiu Jacobsen, aka Ovi, is hinting at a possible comeback in this year’s Eurovision. However, it might not be for Romania or Norway — the two countries he considers home — but for Spain.

On Saturday Ovi shared a photo on his Facebook page with a Spanish producer named Isaac Luque. He’s quite explicit about his intentions, writing: “No year without ESC. Not exactly Barcelona weather in Bucharest for my Spanish friend, but music keeps us warm.”

He also used the hashtag #escspain. This left us thinking: is he behind one of the prequalified songs for Spain’s national selection? Or is he preparing for Romania’s Selectia Nationala? Let’s dive into the uncertainty a bit…

Spain is hosting a national selection in February, with the winner of the internet Eurocasting phase competing against a number of other established artists directly picked by RTVE. This means that Ovi and Isaac may be writing for another artist or for Isaac himself, as Ovi is ineligible to take part: Spain requires contestants to hold Spanish nationality or to have lived in the country for at least two years to take part.

Elsewhere, Romania is keeping its submission period open until January 22. Still, the #escspain hashtag is confusing. In the past Ovi has entered Norway and Romania’s national selection and was behind Belgium’s 2014 runner-up 2 Fabiola and their song “She’s after my piano”. Moreover, Ovi was in the promotional advert for Romania’s selection:

Who is Isaac Luque?

If the hashtag actually refers to Spain’s national selection, then Ovi’s musical partner Isaac Luque should be the one taking part (or perhaps they are working with another Spanish singer). Isaac may not be in the spotlight in Spain, but some of his songs have had an impact.

He has written for Operación Triunfo stars like David Bustamante, Lorena Gómez and David Bisbal. His most well-known composition is “Miénteme” by Bisbal and Elena Gadel.

David Bisbal & Elena Gadel – “Miénteme”

Since Operación Triunfo came to an end, his best known hit is a version of the popular “Paquito el chocolatero”. Sigh.

King Africa – “Paquito el chocolatero”

He doesn’t only write. He’s also a singer performing under the name Isaak. Here’s some more of his art…

Will we see Ovi and Isaac in any national selection this year? Are you excited about the Romanian artist’s potential return? Tell us in the comment section below!