Lindita: We’ll make the “Botë” revamp more Eurovision-like

At Albania’s Festivali i Këngës 53, she wowed fans with her powerful voice, sexy see-through leotard and daring song “S’të fal” — ultimately finishing third.

Fast-forward two years to FiK 55 last December and Lindita was still doing her thing, but with the much more classical song “Botë”, which she’ll now sing at Eurovision 2017.

“I had to play it safe considering the songs they’ve sent so far,” she told wiwibloggs in a Skype interview on January 2. “Albania is mostly focused on the big voices, the big grand orchestra ballads. I wanted to come with something like ‘S’të fal’ and come crazy. But at the same time I was like, ‘I can’t do this to myself again.'”

Her victory proves she was wise to play it safe and secure her place at Eurovision. But she ain’t resting on her laurels. Instead she and her team are already busy working on the revamp for Eurovision 2017.

“We will definitely make it more ‘Eurovision-like,'” she says. “It’s not going to be as ‘orchestra’ as it was because honestly you can’t really do but so much with an orchestra. You can’t put in electronic sounds and stuff. Even though it’s a grand ballad, we’re definitely going to make it a bit more today, because the song is a bit too classical for the young ears.”

“People want to enjoy the music, people don’t want to suffer too much. That’s been my pet peeve in a way. I had to do it with orchestra for FiK, but we’re going to work on it now. Not maybe revamp the whole song. We’re going to retain the message and the sound behind it. But it’s definitely going to have some elements that might be more catchy for the ears.”

And what is that message?

“It’s about all the wars worldwide and all the things people are going through. It says, ‘How many tears? How much pain in this world? I can’t take it any more and I wish I was stronger.’ That’s basically a cry out for help. But at the same time there is positivity. We can do better.”

Lindita’s journey to Eurovision includes one very big experience: competing on American Idol last year.

What did she learn from working with J.Lo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr?

“Work ethic,” she says. “We’ve been constantly working. We only had, during rehearsals, like one hour or two hours to sleep. We basically slept on the floor. People were treating us so amazingly, but at the same time we had to work hard. It was like The Hunger Games. Who wants it the most? Because we all wanted it we were fighting.”

“I definitely learned a lot about work ethic, how professional you need to be. It’s about making connections. It helped me learn it is so hard to make it. But if you can handle the pressures you can get there.”

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