Cover girl: Lindita graces People Magazine as she shares inspirational weight loss story

Last year she shared the limelight with the likes of J.Lo and Keith Urban while competing on American Idol.

Now, on the road to Eurovision 2017, Albania’s Lindita Halimi is once again sharing a platform with the stars — this time on the cover of People magazine.

The Kosovar Eurovision diva appears alongside Oprah Winfrey for their regular “Half Their Size” feature, which recounts inspirational stories of weight loss.

And she can rest assured that plenty of people will take inspiration from her, as People is America’s most-read magazine with a staggering 47 million readers. That’s a lot of eyeballs, y’all!

Lindita shared the news with her 53,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday, uploading a photo of the cover along with an ecstatic caption.

“Comes out this Friday…can you see me?” she wrote. “Omggggg, next to Oprah Winfrey? What? Thank you People for letting me share my story along with the other inspiring, beautiful ladies.”

In her interview, Lindita tells a story about how and when she decided to lose weight.

“My turning point was one day when I was riding to bus to school, I was 18, there was an older lady. I saw her looking at me and I guess she thought I was pregnant. She was kind enough to ask me if I want to take her seat and I felt really embarrassed. I started crying, and she asked me ‘Are you OK?’. I was like, ‘yeah, I’m just feeling like I’m giving birth, I’m in pain right now’. That’s when I realized that I have to do something or else it’s going to turn serious for me.”

The American media clearly know a star when they see one too, as Lindita also announced that she’s going to be live on ABC news tomorrow. In a Facebook livestream, Lindita says she spoke to the magazine about Eurovision as well. Get that publicity in, girl!

Many Americans are already familiar with Lindita’s dramatic weight loss story.

For her pre-audition sob segment on American Idol, Lindita discussed her weight loss and how she dropped 150 pounds en route to becoming a personal trainer. During Lindita’s audition, J.Lo remarked that she was singing “like a heavy girl”, to which fellow judge Harry Connick Jr replied, “That’s true. She didn’t lose that part.”

Speaking to wiwibloggs, Lindita said she wasn’t remotely offended by the comments, because the judges were simply saying she sang powerfully.

“Thank God I never lost the voice,” she told us. “I feel like I’ve had the same voice for whatever shape I’ve been.”

We love Lindita for speaking so openly about her experiences. Long live health! Long live Lindita!

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