Poll: Who should win Spain’s Objetivo Eurovisión 2017?

Objetivo Eurovisión — Spain’s national selection for Eurovision 2017 — is entering the final stretch. Following its prolonged Eurocasting competition, which resulted in LeKlein winning the wildcard to the final, it’s time to choose the act who will sing for Spain in Kyiv. The stakes are high and the songs are out — let’s do this!

As Eurofans already know, LeKlein is bringing an electro ballad of perseverance with “Ouch!!” The contemporary song uses horns to great effect and LeKlein has the vocals to deliver a solid live performance. There is a reason she won Eurocasting in a landslide.

Now she must sing-it-out against five songs and artists — internally selected by RTVE — that cut across genre, trends and language. We had hoped to embed the official audio direct from RTVE, but at the time of publishing their privacy settings would not allow us to do so. As such we have found videos of varying quality on YouTube which we’ve pasted below. We’ll update this as soon as RTVE changes its privacy settings, or as soon as the acts release official videos.

The songs are listed below in alphabetical order by the contestant’s name.

‘Ouch!!’ — LeKlein

She won Spain’s Eurocasting with nearly two-thirds of all votes and is riding a wave of momentum ahead of the final. Will all of those who voted for her previously stick with her since they are already familiar with her song? Or will they start to see “Ouch!!” as stale and switch allegiance with new songs in the mix?

‘Momento crítico’ — Maika

Gravelly-voiced rock singer Maika may be familiar from her song “The Reason” last year in Switzerland’s selection. She previously competed on The Voice of Spain and another talent show called Levántate All Stars, though her solo career hasn’t really taken flight in Spain.

In ‘Momento critico’ Maika is angry but strong. She says today isn’t any other day because she’s lost her patience. She doesn’t want to believe that honesty has been lost and she is still standing. She won’t sell her body for other’s desires. “I will shout,” she says, “I can’t give up. I have to be truthful to my beliefs.”

‘Do it for your lover’ — Manel Navarro

Manel is a 20-year-old singer from Barcelona. In 2016, he released his first single “Candle”. The song got some attention, especially on the Catalan radio stations. Three years ago, he won the contest Teen Star in Catalonia and released his single “Brand New Day”.

His song “Do It For Your Lover” is very summery and sweet, and features him strumming on his guitar while encouraging everyone to go the extra mile for their loved one. “Don’t be afraid ’cause everything is going to be OK,” he says. “I want to see you acting like you just don’t care.”

‘Spin my head / Pierdo el control’ — Mario Jefferson

Mario is one of the freshest and most promising names in Spanish Latino pop. Coming from Fuengirola (Málaga), he took part in the final season of Operación Triunfo, ultimately finishing third. That led him to collaborate with Zahara and Efecto Mariposa on his first album “The Night I Forgot Your Name.”

His Eurovision song is about that special someone who sends your head spinning. It’s a dance number about feeling good and looking fine as the bass drops and the drums beat.

‘Contigo’ — Mirela

Hailing from Aranjuez, Mirela has always had Eurovision on her mind. When she was 14, she completed in Spain’s selection for Junior Eurovision with “Conocí el amor”. She’s since tried three times to represent Spain at Eurovision: in 2007 with “La Reina de la Noche”, in 2008 with “Stronger” and in 2009 with “Nada es comparable a tí”.

And now she’s ready to make Eurofans dance with her number “Contigo” (With You). Singing to the man of her dreams, she speaks of love and wanting to explore the world by his side. There are no fears, she says, just the dream of building a life together.

‘Lo que nunca fue’ — Paula Rojo

Paula took part in the first season of The Voice Spain in 2012, ultimately reaching the live shows. She (and her ukulele) gained huge popularity and a star was born! Paula smashed the charts with her first single “Sólo Tú” (Only You). She reached #1 on iTunes Spain and spent 20 weeks on the Most Downloaded Songs chart. Can she leverage that momentum again in 2017?

With “Lo que nunca Fue” (What never was), Paula looks back nostalgically on love that could have been…but didn’t quite happen. Among other things, she sings of checking photos again when it’s raining and going back to the coffee shop where they met. Feel the sadness, y’all. “It should never have been good bye,” she says. “It should have been forgiveness.”

Poll: Who should win Spain’s Eurovision 2017 selection?

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Which songs and acts do you like best? Who do you think can deliver the strongest live performance? And who is most likely to appeal to European voters at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv? Let us know in the comments box below!

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