Poll results: Lindita is the Eurovision 2017 act you’re most excited about so far

By January 2 ten countries had revealed their Eurovision 2017 contestants. We knew the acts from Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Netherlands. We also knew Lindita from Albania, as well as her song, “Bote”.

We had to know what y’all thought — and who you were thinking of the most. So we launched our poll asking which Eurovision 2017 act you were most excited about so far. After counting 4,303 votes, we can now reveal that Lindita came out on top with 733 votes, or 17% of the total.

Lindita has been making headlines around the world since winning Festivali i Kenges. She even graced the front cover of People Magazine, alongside Oprah Winfrey, owing to her inspirational weight loss story and celebrity status from American Idol.

In second place, narrowly behind Lindita, were Dutch group O’G3NE. Shelley recently spoke to NPO Radio, where she revealed the band are now choosing between just three songs for Eurovision.

O’G3NE received 705 votes, or 16% of all those cast. That put them just ahead of your third place act, Ireland’s Brendan Murray. The former Hometown singer received 697 votes — eight less than the Dutch trio.

Eurovision 2017: Favourite acts (Chosen by January 2)

1. Albania — Lindita 17.03% (733 votes)
2. The Netherlands — O’G3NE 16.39% (705 votes)
3. Ireland — Brendan Murray 16.20% (697 votes)
4. Armenia — Artsvik 13.39% (576 votes)
5. Montenegro — Slavko Kalezic 10.41% (448 votes)
6. Azerbaijan — DiHaj 7.44% (320 votes)
7. Austria — Nathan Trent 5.39% (232 votes)
8. Belgium — Blanche 5.30% (228 votes)
9. Cyprus — HOVIG 5.23% (225 votes)
10. Macedonia — Jana Burceska 3.22% (139 votes)

Total Votes: 4,303

Congratulations to Lindita for topping our poll! Make sure to check back soon for our next Eurovision 2017 poll, which will now focus on acts with songs released.

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